About Catsup and Mustard

Catsup and Mustard is an online magazine dedicated to celebrating the lifestyle of women. We publish articles for single women and moms.

Our readers will find guides, tips and articles about family, relationships, health, food and home. We do our best to provide women the information they need and want to live a healthy and happy life.

Happy women chatting among themselves

How We Started

The magazine began with two amazing women: Heather Prescott and Victoria Marsh. These two have been friends since high school. One of their friends, in fact, described them as catsup and mustard. When asked why, their friend had this to say:

“Heather and Vic are both awesome and talented people. They work really well together and are genuinely passionate about helping people out. On their own, they’re great, but together, they’re unstoppable.

When I order a hotdog at a food stand, I often hear the question: catsup or mustard? They both taste great, so why not go with both? I don’t think you need to choose between the two — and that’s how I see Heather and Vic, never one over the other.”

Inspired by this heartwarming testimonial, the two women made the happy decision to start an online magazine.

We hope that our articles inspire you to be your best self, appreciate the beauty of life and be kind to other people.

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