Making Car Insurance Rates Affordable

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Studies on auto accidents and fatalities reveal that every 51 minutes, there’s a fatality resulting from a drunk driver’s impaired driving. Non-fatal injuries resulting from a non-intoxicated driver happen more often than that. This is why insurance is necessary, whether you’re the person behind the wheel or not. But you can save on insurance payments if you follow the following suggestions:

Bundle Up Your Car Insurance

If you’re looking for vehicle auto insurance in Harvey, Illinois, it makes sense to bundle it up with other insurance policies you have. If you have multiple cars, you can use the same provider for them all. This gives you a sort of “loyalty” discount. This is especially true if you’re getting new insurance for a young member of the family. Typically, young adults have the highest insurance premiums so you’d want to lower that by showing them you’re a longtime customer.

Remove Coverage You Don’t Need

Look through the policy and check out what kind of coverage is offered to you. Collision coverage is a staple as well as a theft clause in the policy. If you drive an old car with zero chances of being stolen, the theft clause may only add to the overall amount without really contributing any quality to your coverage. Simply put, if there’s zero chance of an event happening, you might as well skip the coverage for it.

Get a Low Mileage Discount

Insurers weigh the risk of injury versus the cost of the premium you pay. If you only use your car to and from work, you can apply for a low mileage discount. This means that since you’ll be taking a routine road all the time and that your mileage will be low, there’s very little chance of you getting into an accident.

Install Safety Features

Putting in safety features for your car goes a long way in lowering premium costs. In the same way that smoke alarms and fire extinguishers can lower your home insurance premiums, safety features can convince your insurance provider to be more lenient with the cost. This helps drop the premium and also increases the chances of survival even if you are involved in a collision. Dash cams, additional cushions, some tracking devices, and excellent seatbelts can do these all at once.

Be Careful with Car Purchase

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If you’re buying a car before insuring it, purchase something that’s insurance-friendly. Some brands are cheaper to insure because they have built-in safety features that lower the risk of accidents. Honda cars are noted to be the cheapest due to their reliability while luxury cars, such as a Mercedes, will need a high premium because they tend to be driven at high speeds.

Of course, these are just a few of the tips to keep your car insurance costs low. While a piece of good advice is to make sure you’re always safe when driving simply, the added security provided by insurance will at least not leave you suffering financially if an accident occurs.

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