3 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Office

bright open office

The idea of what an office space looks like is being redefined worldwide. The usual dull colours and square cubicles are gone. In its place are richer tones and more ergonomic furnishings.

As more millennials join the workforce, their styles and preferences are becoming apparent in how workspaces are being built. In Sydney, for instance, interior design for offices has seen a more youthful turn. More importance is being put on creating a space that works harmoniously for creatives and corporate entities.

Even large multinational companies are changing their office spaces to reflect a less buttoned-up ambiance. While younger companies are even incorporating spaces designed for more interpersonal time. Examples of these are meditation rooms, game rooms, and even sensory rooms. These are believed to stimulate the mind and help relieve stress.

With countless new trends being incorporated into office spaces, not all of them require a full office renovation. Many of them, in fact, are relatively simple additions that can still make a big impact.

  • Yellow-toned light fixtures

Bright white lights may be good for some working spaces. But in an office space, stark lights can be cold and impersonal. They evoke a very rigid atmosphere which can be off-putting. Especially if your employees will be working long hours.

Bright white lighting can also cause headaches with prolonged exposure. This kind of lighting can also heighten eye strain. The best light for offices is a warmer yellow light. You can make the change to this by simply buying yellow-hued LED lights. This will also be more energy-efficient in the long run.

  • Music and Scents

Engaging the other senses can stimulate the mind to stay calmer, be more focused, and think quicker. Create a playlist that you can play through strategically located speakers to create a good mood. You can opt for Bluetooth speakers so that controlling the music is easy. You can even invite employees to help create the playlist.

Good choices are lo-fi music that can mimic the same atmosphere that most shared spaces or cafes have.  Adding a scent that you can pipe into your office also changes up the ambiance. If you’d prefer a simple way to add a scent, you can use an oil burner or a reed diffuser if you don’t want to use any flames.

Ideal scents have warm or fresh notes. Warmer fragrances can be placed around the desk spaces while lighter ones at bathrooms or pantries. Just make sure you opt for non-offensive scents that don’t cause headaches or sneezing fits.

  • Plants

modern office lounge

Bringing nature into your office can change the mood instantly. Plants break the stuffiness of your space and literally add more life. As more modern designs are turning back to using plants, you can maximize this trend as well.

Visit your local greenhouse to see which plants work best for your space. Most potted plants that work well are hardy and leafy. They require minimal care but can stay looking fresh for longer.

These are just some of the many ways to add energy and creativity to a dull workspace. By inviting a positive change into your office, you and your employees will create a space you can fully enjoy.

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