3 Ventless Fireplace Solutions for Modern Homes

Luxurious living room with modern fireplace

Most houses are no longer built with traditional wood-burning fireplaces because of building restrictions and safety reasons. Fortunately, there are modern and cost-effective solutions to battle the cold and keep a warm indoor temperature without the need to collect and burn firewood.

In Salt Lake City, new fireplace installations are still as beautiful as the traditional ones. What’s better is that they come without the need to gather and chop firewood and the cleaning up of ash after a cozy time with the family. These are also less expensive compared to wood-burning fireplaces.

1. Customizing Fireplace Design

There are homeowners who would like to work on their own fireplace but do not have the skills or the know-how. If this is the case, the best alternative is to hire a contractor to provide custom fireplace solutions.

Among the different modern fireplace innovations, the ventless fireplace is the most cost-effective. It uses insert and gel fuel for the fire. This type of fireplace can be installed anywhere the homeowner desires. Ventless fireplaces can be completed in just a matter of days, too.

Moreover, as ventless fireplaces can be installed anywhere, homeowners are given the chance to customize or create their own fireplace designs. They can build a faux heart or a faux chimney without the need to build it through the roof. For an authentic look, the fireplace will still need a few pieces of wood.

2. Traditional Fireplace Designs

Home with a traditional fireplaceBesides being cost effective, ventless fireplaces were designed to look like the real thing. Manufacturers provide an all-inclusive traditional design that can fit any home, restaurant, or commercial establishment. Homeowners are given the option to choose between columns and arch designs.

Wood finishes come in mahogany, oak, walnut, and a few other beautiful wood choices. Some popular stone finishes are cast concrete and marble. There are standalone fireplaces that can be placed against any wall in the house. You just need to find the perfect spot so it will look natural and blend with the other elements in the room.

3. Contemporary Fireplace Designs

Homeowners who opt for a more modern and contemporary design can try out personal and small table ventless fireplaces. They can opt for a see-through glass structure and place the fireplace on a table in the living room area. This smaller and more compact version is ideal for apartments or condo units. More importantly, it’s practically hassle-free because there’s no clean-up involved.

If ventless fireplaces aren’t your thing, you can check out enclosed fireplaces, fireplace inserts, ethanol burning fireplaces, fireplace conversion, and electric fireplaces. The conversion ones simply use an ethanol-burning insert, which slides right in the spot of the regular fireplace. This way, you don’t need to do any remodeling or buy an expensive piece of equipment.

There are various fireplace designs that were made to suit varying tastes and design preferences. With artificial fireplaces, homeowners can still enjoy the warmth and coziness without worrying about building restrictions, collecting wood for burning, or the need to sweep chimneys afterwards.

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