4 Ways To Stop Burglars From Breaking Into Your Business

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Losses from theft are a significant hurdle for the success of most small businesses since they are a more attractive target to thieves than residential properties. The FBI estimates that a burglary occurs every 10 seconds somewhere in the U.S. This means that measures like locking all doors, setting up electronic security measures, and getting a commercial garage door supplier in Utah to install locking mechanisms are essential.

1. Secure Your Doors and Windows

While it may seem like a no-brainer, many small business owners forget to lock up after a busy day, leaving an open invitation to burglars to walk in the front door or through service entrances through the garage. If you or your staff routinely forget to lock your doors, you should consider putting in a door sensor or have an expert install an automatic door closer.

The sensor will confirm that the door is locked correctly and will alert you if anyone tries to access the locked door without disabling it. An automatic garage door lock automatically deadbolts the garage door as soon as you close it.

2. Install Security Cameras and Alarms

CCTV is essential for the security of your commercial property since it not only deters anyone attempting to break-in but also helps to identify the culprit in the case of a successful breach. A poll of incarcerated burglars shows that 60% of them considered whether a property had security cameras or electronic surveillance when identifying targets. 40% admitted that they would target a different property any time they spotted CCTV cameras.

You should also consider an alarm system that is sufficient for the size and type of building, and which allows you to change codes regularly.

3. Install Sufficient Lighting

Secure and adequate lighting is one of the most effective deterrents businesses can take against burglary. A study carried out by the New York City Police Department, the City Housing Department, and the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice shows that outdoor lighting cut down crime rates by as much as 39%.

Preventive lighting is most effective when installed in areas that are not in plain sight since these are the places burglars often try to use to gain access to your building. It is best to install lights within bulb cages to ensure that burglars do not easily break them.

4. Implement Access Control

Security camera

Monitor who enters or leaves your commercial property, as well as the people who have means of access to the building. Keep an up to date record of everyone who has an access key or code, ensuring that they are returned when the holder no longer requires them.

If you use access codes or biometric sensors to enter buildings, ensure that they are only available to current employees and that the codes are changed regularly. The codes should also be given to the person physically, not sent via email, or communicated over the phone.

Carry Out Preventive Maintenance on Your Home with Experts

On average, theft and burglary incidents cost victims $8,000 but result in reputation damage worth as much as $50,000. To improve your security, let an expert such as a CCTV installer, electronic access control technician, or a garage door Utah specialist help you to identify any weaknesses and patch them.

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