5 Airports that Are as Good as Your Target Destinations

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Airports are not always associated with happy memories. Delayed flights, emotionally charged goodbyes, and occasionally mediocre and overpriced food haunt traveler’s memories from time to time.

Fortunately, not all airports are drab, dry, and boring to hang out in. There are stunning architectures in airport design that can make it every bit as compelling and worth your journey as the original target or destination.

Check out these ultra-cool world-class airports:

The New Changi International Airport

Singapore’s main airport rakes in awards left and right with good reason. Recently, they implemented another redesign. For this recent change, Safie Architects’ piece de resistance for Changi’s airport redesign is the 40-meter waterfall enclosed in its greenhouse. You can marvel at everything from flora and fauna to the intricately selected greenhouse window shades. It’s an architectural masterpiece worth seeing, along with the rest of the well-crafted airport facilities.

For a long time, Singapore’s flagship airport has generated a lot of admiration from global amateurs and professionals in architectural design. Apart from its iconic design, it’s also jampacked with comfort, space, and safety features that make it a pleasant experience for travelers. Singapore is a popular stopover for connecting flights, as well.

Marrakech-Menara Airport

Morocco’s airport is as exotic as its actual tourist destination. E2A architects have outdone themselves in this lovely airport design. Marrakesh’s international gateway is just 5 kilometers from the center of the city. It has one of the most memorable geometric patterns in a building. The ambiance truly takes you in a different world filled with beautiful symmetry, and it’s a small wonder that low-cost carriers and European travelers frequent this strategic location.

Incheon International Airport

Incheon’s architect Curtis Fentress incorporated the culture of Korea in the design for Incheon International Airport. The roof looks like a temple that’s popularly found in Korea, and there are also sightings of precious artifacts. The design remains modern despite this respectful nod to Korean culture. Fentress also designed the Denver International airport previously and has been known for his trips all over the world for finding appropriate and visually stunning designs for clients.

Koh Samui Airport

Do you want some real island holiday vibes? You might find Thailand’s Koh Samui airport to your liking. The wooden interiors of this uniquely designed airport make it a unique architectural material choice. While other airports go with metallic and modern looks, Koh Samui takes the modernity down by a lot of notches with its earthy tones. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the popular Chaweng resort. The rustic island vibe will make your Instagram feed even more fascinating to your followers.

Wellington International Airport aka “The Rock”

people in airport

New Zealand’s international airport draws a mixed bag of reactions. Before you head on over to the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit filming sites in NZ, you will first set foot in this very quirkily designed airport. The unique rock layout of the airport exterior draws both its fair share of admirers and critics. The architect deliberately left the traditional mode for airport design when he started with this project. It leans heavily towards creating a uniquely kiwi atmosphere.

Keep your journey pleasant and safe. These flying gateways will only serve to enrich your experience as a traveler. As you marvel in these fantastic designs at the airport, make sure that you don’t miss your flight or tour schedules.

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