Apartment Dwelling: How Much Freedom for Modification


One of the best things about living on your own is the earned freedom of doing anything you want with your space. But what if the space you have doesn’t give you enough wiggle room to modify it?

This is a common problem among people who choose to dwell in apartments. They may be living there to lower housing costs because the cost of a house is significantly higher than an apartment.

Another reason is they may still be starting and don’t plan to stick around in the same place for a long time. In that case, apartment rentals are the better picks over purchasing a house.

Why aren’t apartments more open to dweller modifications?

The answer to this is unless you buy an apartment, you’d be stuck with living in the space with very little chance to modify it without having your landlord in your face about changing things. If you see the little wiggle room for customisation as a downside when it comes to having your own place, renting an apartment should be at the bottom of your accommodation choices.

Under normal circumstances, landlords will have to approve any modifications tenants wish to make to their property to avoid legal issues from arising.

What can tenants change?

It may sound like renting an apartment isn’t the most ideal, especially for starters who wish to fulfill their interior design plans and for people who like changing up the look of their space. But apartments are perfect for they are low-cost compared to houses. Tenants also don’t need to worry about paying for maintenance services when their dishwasher stops washing the dishes.

Here are some things tenants can change in rented apartments:

1. Security systems

Tenants have the right to make security system modifications to protect themselves and their property. Some tenants chose to install them on their own while picking the equipment and maintenance they can afford because some apartments cost more when rented with preinstalled security systems.

Depending on property terms, the tenant can have security cameras installed to monitor movement within their own space. Through this, they’ve provided a sense of control—that they have the power to protect themselves.

living room

2. Carpeting

It’s completely normal for some apartments to show signs of wear, especially if they have been up for rent for a long time and already went through different tenants. As a new dweller, you should be able to change the carpeting in some agreed parts of the apartment—it’s still a good idea to consult your landlord on which parts of the apartment can have their carpeting changed.

3. Door locks

Like having security system modifications, tenants can change the door locks of the apartment they’re renting to make sure that the locks are new and that they’re the only ones with authorised access.

As a way to make sure that they and their belongings are safe, it’s the tenants’ right to change the door locks to keep them assured that they are the only ones who can enter and exit their apartment.

4. Swap appliances

Apartments may come with appliances that were used by previous tenants. The previous users may have caused the appliances to decrease in quality. To get around this, tenants can purchase replacement appliances to have access to new and better equipment.

Most landlords won’t object to you having better appliances, especially if the ones already there aren’t of good quality.

5. Create a new space

If the tenant is left with space to create something different for the space they’re paying for, they’ll, without a doubt, switch it up to make their apartment feel like their own. It can be through creating productivity spaces such as an office, a small workout space, and even their own garden.

If the apartment comes with a balcony, it has a balustrade system that can house small plants to ensure they get enough sunlight. The balcony can also be a space for creativity and meditation.

Depending on the landlord’s terms, apartment dwellers can change things up to their preferences. It’s always a good idea to talk over modification limits with landlords so you’ll know what you can touch and what you can’t.

We get that home modification is one of the most exciting things about moving to a new place, whether in an apartment or house. They’re fun, and we’re able to let out personality by designing our homes. It may be to satiate the desire to finally change things and turn them into anything we want or have a space we can call our own.

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