Best Gifts for Your Aging Parents That They Can Use


If you’ve been shopping for gifts for your parents, then you’ve probably had the trouble of figuring out what to get them. What makes this such a hard task is that older parents tend not to want anything at all. Sometimes, when you give them something, they end up not using it, and it just ends up in the closet. Next time, try getting them these items instead.

Massage chair

As much as we don’t want it to happen, our parents get weaker over time. They will not be as strong as they used to be, and they will start developing lots of aches and pains. Studies found that 65 percent of those aged above 65 years old experience pain, and over half of them will have half pain that impacts their daily functions. That’s why it’s a good idea to give them something to ease the pain.

Massage and spas are great for older parents, but they may not have the energy or the knowledge to go actively. It’s also understandable that you may not always have the time to go with them. A good alternative is to get them a massage chair. There are tons of them in malls that offer a demo, but in a time of a pandemic, it’s best to buy your massage chairs online. These usually have better customer service because their information is visible on their website. It makes claiming warranties easier.

There are many benefits to having a massage chair, even if they don’t have any pain. It improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. This would ease soreness in muscles, so even active parents will benefit from this. Lastly, it improves sleep as well as reduces stress and anxiety.


Technology is a huge convenience, and we all want our parents to benefit from it, too. Though it will be difficult and maybe even frustrating to teach them at first, they will surely appreciate a new way to connect with the world. One thing you can give them is a Kindle.

Kindles are perfect gifts for parents that like to read. They can adjust the text size and lighting to make it easier to read. Newer Kindles also have features that let you chat and browse the web, which can be quite useful for adults in general. However, one of the main reasons why this is good for the elderly is its user-friendly design. Unlike a desktop, there are no complicated setups or buttons.

A good alternative is a tablet or iPad. The simple features make it highly intuitive and easy to learn. These are also portable and can handle a few water spills better than most devices.

giving gift

Craft Kits

A major reason older people have weaker movements and memory problems is that they are not as active as possible. Both the mind and body need to be engaged to prevent and slow the development of diseases. One way you can help is by gifting them arts and crafts kits. These are a great way to stimulate the brain and improve motor functions in their hands.

Studies found that recreational activities significantly improved the cognitive function of older men and women. It included subjects that are aged above 65 years old. There is no specific activity mentioned so that you can get them any craft kit. It can be a knitting or crocheting kit. You can also look at DIY kits such as those that make candles or soaps. They will definitely enjoy using them and allow them to make something special for their loved ones.

Warm Blankets

You may not realize this, but older adults become more sensitive to temperatures as they age. The older you get, you have a harder time regulating your body temperature. This is because of several factors that are often associated with aging, such as reduced-fat layers, less elastic blood vessels, and reduced ability to sweat. That means older parents will generally feel colder than normal people.

One gift that they will surely use is a warm blanket. A soft quilt, blanket, or comforter are gift items that they will appreciate. Weighted blankets are great for improving sleep quality, and it is even known to comfort those who live far away from their families. For something that is both soft and hypoallergenic, cotton is the best material. Fleece is also another choice for those that suffer from allergies. Otherwise, wool can be an option if they are not sensitive to it.

With these ideas in mind, you don’t have to find it difficult to buy the best present to give your parents.

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