The Best Weed Killer in Town: A Guide for Homeowners

Not everyone is lucky to have their own yard or lawn. Or even an outdoor garden. And while having a gorgeous outdoor space is the ultimate dream for any homeowner, they come with some trouble: weeds.

Weeds are invasive plants that can overrun your garden, hoard nutrients and be harmful to you and your family. This troublesome group of vegetation includes varieties like ragweed, dandelions and crabgrass.

You can always pluck weeds out on your own, but plucking them out individually can be a time-consuming chore, especially if you have a large outdoor space or aren’t a big fan of manual labor. On top of that, plucking out some weeds can cause a skin rash.

If plucking weeds isn’t the best option for you, it’s time to search for the best weed killer in town.

If you’re hesitant to try weed killers, your worries are valid. After all, there have been countless discussions as to whether weed killers are safe for use. One of the concerns regarding this herbicide is its use of glyphosate, which could be a possible carcinogen (according to the World Health Organization). However, the Environmental Protection Agency insists that glyphosate is “not likely” to cause cancer.

Whatever your stand is on weed killers, there’s no denying that these herbicides can help with any pesky weed problem. To maximize these products, it’s important to use the best weed killers and know how to use them properly. You can also create if you’re hesitant to use store-bought weed killers.

What Should You Look for in a Weed Killer?

Not all weed killers guarantee the same results. Instead of shopping for random herbicides, it pays to know your lawns’ needs, as well as the type of weed killers available. Keep your lawn in good condition by keeping the following things in mind.

Concentrate vs. Ready-to-use

All of the weed killers, except for the manual puller and blow torch, are ready to use. But there are products available in concentrated form. This type requires the user to dilute the solution, which lets you customize the weed-killing strength and stretch the product longer.

Non-Selective Weed Killing vs. Targeted Weed Killing

Some weed killers are formulated to kill a certain type of weeds; others can kill weeds upon contact. Targeted weed killing is ideal for homeowners who know the exact type of weed terrorizing their lawn. It is also safe for use in the presence of grass and plants. On the other hand, non-selective weed killers kill anything it comes to contact with.

Safety Labels

There’s a reason manufacturers put safety labels on their products. Whether or not a potential weed killer is formulated with chemicals, it’s important to make sure you’re using it properly. Not all weed killers can be used in the presence of kids and pets. Also, know how long you should wait before applying the weed killer.

What is the Best Weed Killer?

Man Fumigating the Plants
What’s the best weed killer for your lawn? (Photo by Laura Arias via Pexels)

To make your selection of the best weed killer easier, we’ve named weed killer brands according to their specialties. The next time you’re shopping for this herbicide, consider the following.

The Best Weed Killer Overall: Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action

Who should buy it? People looking for an herbicide that doubles as a fertilizer

Who shouldn’t buy it? People who want to kill weeds in vegetable gardens and flower beds

Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action isn’t your basic weed killer. This herbicide kills unwanted lawn weeds while preventing grassy weeds from growing. On top of that, this product can fertilize your lawn, so you don’t have to buy a bag of fertilizer. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to clean up your lawn, this weed killer is for you.

Due to the selective formulation of this product, you don’t have to be precise with the application. Spread the formula across the lawn so it can kill the weeds while preserving the grass.

The Best Weed Killer for Big Yards: BioAdvanced All-in-One Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate

Who should buy it? Homeowners with large lawns who wish to kill the weeds before and after they emerge

Who shouldn’t buy it? Homeowners who want a weed killer that is safe for kids and pets.

If you have a big yard, plucking out the weeds manually can be a frustrating and time-consuming job. If you’re working with a bigger space, use a selective weed killer like BioAdvanced’s All-in-One Weed Killer Concentrate.

This product can kill 217 types of weeds before and after they’ve emerged. It’s a great product for eliminating grown weeds and preventing the growth of younger weeds. Since this weed killer is also selective, you can spread it across your yard.

The Best Natural Killer of Weeds: Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer

Who should buy it? People looking for a weed killer that is safe for use around kids and pets

Who shouldn’t buy it? People in need of a selective weed killer

If you’re looking for a natural alternative, Green Gobbler’s weed killer is the best way to prevent pesky weeds from invading your yard. This product uses two ingredients only: water and vinegar. It has a concentrated mixture so expect the product to be four times stronger than your typical pantry vinegar.

Green Gobbler’s weed killer dries out the weeds and kills them 24 hours later. However, this product prevents seeds from growing roots, including the seeds you intentionally planted. Fortunately, this weed killer comes inside a tank sprayer.

What is the Best DIY Weed Killer?

If you’re not a big fan of store-bought weed killers, you can always make one yourself.

The most effective natural option is a mixture of liquid dish soap, salt and white vinegar. Each of these ingredients has special properties that can kill weeds. For example, vinegar and salt contain acetic acid, which dries out stubborn weeds. The dish soap reduces the mixture’s surface tension so the liquid can easily penetrate the pores of the leaves.

To make your own weed killer, mix a cup of salt, a tablespoon of dish soap and a gallon of white vinegar. Stir the mixture properly before pouring it into a spray bottle.


Pesky weeds have no place in your perfect lawn. Instead of letting them ruin your hard work, grab the best weed killer nearby and save your lawn!

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