Brooklinen: The Cadillac of Bed Sheets


Here’s the thing about bed linens: the older you get, the more important they become. Think about the time when you were in college, did you honestly care what kind of bed linens you had? Beds are just for sleeping and, well, sex, so why do I need to invest in a good set of bed sheets?

But then you hit your 30s, and suddenly, terms like ‘thread counts’ and ‘Egyptian cotton’ can start an excitement in you usually reserved for when you see your pizza delivery arriving at your doorstep. Thankfully, the race to adulthood is spoiled for choice when it comes to linens, and while nothing beats an 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheet (just saying it gives me a tingle!), there’s a newcomer to the game that’s shaking up the linen world: Brooklinen.

You might have seen the ads for Brooklinen on social media and thought this must be some kind of new, hipster bed sheet because all the ads look, well, hipsterish. But don’t let that turn you off: Brooklinen offers a wide array of linen sheets that are both dreamily comfortable and reasonably priced.

We tested Brooklinen’s line of sheets to help guide you on your next sheet purchase!

Brooklinen: The Classic Set

Photo by The Sleep Judge via Flickr Creative Commons

Of course we had to start with Brooklinen’s classic set, also known as the Classic Core Sheet Set. This Brooklinen set comes with standard percale bedding that is soft to the touch, keeps relatively cool for longer periods of time, as well as staying crisp even after multiple washes. The percale sheets themselves are smooth with a matte finish, and the expert weave allows it to stand on its own when folded or creased.

The ‘classic’ set is 250-thread count cotton, which is generally on the lower end of the thread count spectrum. That being said, the percale weaving allows it to remain impossibly light, incredibly cool, and completely breathable. It’s the perfect bed sheet for every season: it’s warm enough to keep you snug and cozy during the winter months, but cool enough that you’ll look forward to lying down on them during the hot, summer months. It’s one of those sheets that really make you feel like you’re sleeping the way millionaires do.

You’ll have to run them through the washer and dryer before putting them on your bed, as the percale weave tends to feel a little too stiff and plasticky when they come straight from the package. Follow the package instructions to bring out the full softness of the sheets.

Brooklinen: Luxe Sateen Set

In general, many people see sateen sheets as being too clingy or hot, due to the nature of their weave, which is usually a more complicated and denser pattern compared to percale. However, the Brooklinen Luxe Sateen set has us convinced that sateen isn’t dense or hot: the ones we used to buy were just sub-par. Brooklinen managed to create sateen sheets that are beautifully soft and amazingly breathable. In fact, it’s one of the all-time best-selling set, which means we’re not the only ones who are new converts to the church of Sateen!

Right off the bat, I was extremely skeptical about Brooklinen’s sateen set: after all, my previous experience with sateen hasn’t been completely positive. However, right out of the box, the Brooklinen sateen was as soft as linens can be. At 480-thread count, it’s guaranteed softness from the first use onwards.

The sheets themselves also have a nifty labeling system that shows you which is the long side and which is the short side, so no more fumbling around because you put it on the wrong way! It’s one of those simple tricks to make life easier, but one that is highly appreciated. They’re fitted sheets that measure up to 15-inches deep, allowing them to remain nicely taut throughout the night with no tangles.

That being said, while the Brooklinen sateen set is soft and smooth like cream, the higher thread count does mean it gets warm during warmer months. They’re perfect for colder climates, but if you live somewhere without great air-conditioning, you might get sweaty at night.

Brooklinen: Washed Linen Set

Brooklinen’s line of straight-up linen sheets, the Washed linen set promises a light-but-cozy and thick-but-breathable material that, honestly, does live up to the name. Linen sheets can be very warm if not woven properly, which, thankfully, Brooklinen manages to fix. In general, linen sheets are effective at wicking away moisture because it has great water-retaining features that cotton can’t reach.

For a proper test, we had the Über-Soft sheets tested during the height of summer, and while I did wake up a little sweaty during the hottest nights of the season, it didn’t feel uncomfortable. Brooklinen’s Über-Soft linens were breathable, gauzy, and airy light.

However, because they’re linen, these sheets aren’t going to look perfect 7 days a week: they crease easily and the creases don’t disappear with a simple fix of the bed. Still, after a proper wash, dry, and iron, they’re back to being super soft and comfortable. They’re also quite easy to wash, allowing you to be more sustainable at home.

Where Are Brooklinen Sheets Made?

Brooklinen’s products are primarily manufactured in Canada, but they’re also outsourced in different countries including India, Israel, Portugal and Germany. The company also proudly banners that the items are finished off using Osthoff Singeing machines that are made in Germany. Osthoff Singe machines are considered advanced and superior, and are highly rated in the manufacturing industry.

How To Wash Brooklinen Sheets?

Brooklinen has a section on their website instructing customers on how to properly wash and care for their sheets. Basically, they recommend a cool or warm cycle to preserve the fibers, colors and elasticity. Meanwhile set the dryer to low heat and low tumble cycle, so as not to damage the fibers. That’s great especially when you want to save on energy costs.

Brooklinen manages to create a fine line of bed sheets that are reasonably priced but feel premium. Sure, nothing can beat a thousand-thread count Egyptian cotton, but it’s safe to say that Brooklinen’s sheets are as close as you can get.

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