Affordable Patio Paver Ideas for the Homeowner-On-a-Budget

Your patio area is an extension of your lovely home. Like the other areas of your house, it needs some TLC every now and then. So, what happens when your patio needs an upgrade but you’re not eager to break the bank in doing so?

Brainstorming cheap patio paver ideas can be tough, especially since the budget is the primary concern. You must limit yourself to how much you can afford. Fortunately, a little creativity goes a long way. Instead of spending more money, get creative with the materials you use or how you build your paver patio. Before you know it, you’ll have an attractive exterior space perfect for gatherings (and for less!).

Need some help with sprucing up your backyard on a budget? Here are some cheap patio paver ideas to try.

What is the Cheapest Option for a Patio?

Homeowners who have more space in their budget often go with granite, flagstone or bluestone patio pavers. These natural stones are beautiful installations, but they can be costly.

On the other hand, homeowners who want to save up on this home improvement project often choose pea gravel. It’s one of the most affordable paver patio options and it’s a great DIY design idea. But if you’re not a big fan of the look of gravel in your outdoor space, worry not. You still have plenty of options.

Your next most affordable choice is brick pavers. Per square foot, brick pavers can cost $6. The price range of traditional brick pavers can cost anywhere from $4 to $8 per square foot. Brick pavers that come in unusual sizes, colors and shapes can cost more.

If you’re thinking about building a pergola or a fire pit, porcelain pavers are budget-friendly options. They can cost anywhere from $3 to $35. Upfront, the cost might seem a lot but in the long run, you’ll be saving more since these paving stones are easy to clean and maintain.

How Can I Save Money on Pavers?

Reclaimed Brick

Paver patios designed from bricks are some of the most alluring ones in terms of design. If you want a raw yet polished look, go with reclaimed bricks. These stunning red bricks wow everyone with their unique design pattern. You’re free to create any design according to your patio’s shape and size, as well as your design preferences.

Reclaimed bricks made from natural sand are available in different designs and patterns (e.g. geometric, circular and triangular). And the best part is they are budget-friendly.

Concrete Blocks

When it comes to affordable home improvement projects, concrete blocks are always part of the plan. Apart from being quality materials, these blocks come at reasonable prices. They give any space a luxurious feel and raw finish without breaking the bank. It’s no wonder there are plenty of concrete ideas on a budget. The sky’s the limit when you use these natural concrete stones.

Tucson Saltillo Tiles

If you’re looking for a cheap material to bring your paver patio ideas to life, Tucson Saltillo is the best match for your plan. Depending on the contractor you work with, Tucson Saltillo tiles can cost anywhere from $4 to $6 per square foot. For these prices, you get tiles that create a smooth and shiny surface.

They are also easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other natural stones, you don’t have to brush these tiles often to keep them shining. So, if you’re looking for easy-to-maintain pavers with affordable price tags, go for these tiles.


This paver patio material works well for both indoor and outdoor settings. Add color to your home by mixing up different shades or achieve a monochromatic look by using a solid color depending on the shade that you like the most. One of the best things about mosaic pavers is you can mold them into any shape that suits your needs

How Can I Save Money When Building My Patio?

paver patios
How can you make this home improvement project more budget-friendly? (Photo by Skylar Kang via Pexels)

Use Natural and Salvaged Material for Pavers

Instead of always window shopping for your patio, hit the local construction projects and sites to find natural stones. Before you do so, ask permission from the project manager or foreman; let them know you’re interested in salvaging some of their stone for your patio. Once you get the go signal, be flexible with how much you can get and how much they can give.

At the same time, bring with you some gloves, safety glasses, a hammer and a stone chisel. You can always borrow the hammer, chisel and gloves, but it’s better to buy new safety glasses. Always wear this equipment when working to prevent injuries.

This approach can take some time and effort, but if you work diligently, you’ll be surprised by the amount of material you gain. Just make sure to pile your salvaged materials close to your construction site and organize them according to type.

Soften Hardscapes with Plants

Plants are affordable additions to any patio. The trickiest part is deciding the plants you want to add. You can plant vegetables, plants that will attract birds and butterflies or a flower selection.

Before you add plants to your patio, decide the type of plants you want to add. Also, consider the amount of sun your patio receives since sunlight and shade are important factors. Plan how you’ll water the plants. Do you have a spigot or will you water the plants yourself?

If you already have trees in the area, work with them! Existing trees can help you save money in two ways: no need to remove them (therefore, you don’t have to spend on the removal) and a mature tree offers shade similar to pergolas or awnings.

Build Your Patio in Stages

To save more money on construction costs, build your patio one stage at a time. If you need to create a solid base for the patio by compacting the soil, plan the leveling of the area. Next, build your patio in sections (or as your budget allows). In the meantime, cover the area with mulch.

Bottom Line: Make Your Patio Your Own

Giving your home a personal stamp by personalizing your patio need not be costly. To save more money, select good furniture that will last a long time, make use of the things that you have and salvage items when you can.

Happy building!


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