Common Problems with Refrigerators and How to Deal with Them

Homeowner and technician looking at the refrigerator

The ability to keep our food fresh for much longer is something that is invaluable to survival. For this task, we rely on our refrigerators. These cooling machines might have evolved with all sorts of different new innovations but, at the end of the day, they function the same.

And when they break down, they all need quality fridge repair in Salt Lake City. Of course, you have to know that there’s a problem and break down, to begin with. Here are the most common problems that you can expect to have to deal with when your fridge is on the fritz.

Leaking water

One of the most common problems that you can face with your refrigerator is having a water leak. This can be very damaging as water will pool at the foot of your refrigerator and can cause slippages or even damage to your carpeting. There are several causes for this.

A blocked defrost drain can occur when debris and other particles clog the drainage hose. This can lead to dangerous ice buildup which, in turn, can cause water to leak everywhere.

Another cause is on the other side of the system — the water supply line can also get clogged or even frozen which will also cause puddles to form underneath your refrigerator. The best way to deal with these is to unplug the unit and call for help — you don’t want to risk a shock.

Over cycling

Technician replacing the refrigerator's condenser coilBy default, your refrigerator is already one of the most power-hungry appliances in your home. If it constantly cycles itself and runs continuously, it could pull your electrical bill way up. Again, debris buildup is to blame — this time in the condenser coils.

This happens all too easily in older model refrigerators where the condenser coils and at the very bottom part of the unit. Another common cause is when you set your temperature too low. This can force your refrigerator to compensate as it works to keep its contents cool and fresh.

For this latter bit, the best solution is to set your refrigerator to temperatures between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. For the former, you should cut power to your unit and call in quality fridge repair in Salt Lake City.

Ice buildup

Finally, you have the dreaded problem of excess ice in the freezer. Not only can this lead to leaks later on when the power cuts out, but it can also trap contents of your refrigerator behind walls of ice. There are several causes for this. They include leaving your freezer’s door open for far too long.

This causes the humidity levels to shoot up, which in turn freezes and contributes to the buildup. Another cause is a faulty seal that has the same effect as leaving the door open. Again, it helps to get professional assistance to ensure that everything is done right.

You rely on your refrigerator a lot more than you think. When it suffers these problems, it’s critical that you deal with them right away and correctly. Make sure you hire a dependable team to guarantee that it gets back to full working shape.

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