Considerations Before Buying Land

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There is an air of excitement in the prospect of finally buying your first block of land. After all, you are not merely purchasing a patch of dirt and grass; it will serve as the location of your dream home. You might have already spent a bit of time browsing land for sale in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, but it is essential not to get too excited just yet. There are some considerations that you have to factor in before committing to any purchase, especially something as significant as land. Here are four of them:


Cliche as it might sound, the land’s position should be your first consideration. That block of land must be in a place that works for both your wants and needs. Think about its proximity to schools, hospitals, and shops for your daily needs. There is also the distance to public transport so that you have options when commuting. The location of your block determines the lifestyle that you will be able to realize once the house is set up, and you have moved in. Take into account your personal needs and plans so that you can secure land in an area where the amenities necessary to you are close by.

Zoning and Orientation

Zoning is also an essential factor in deciding the block of land you plan to purchase. Take the time to research zoning regulations and restrictions for your prospective property, as well as its surroundings. Council rules vary depending on location and dictate what you can use your land for. It would be a waste to purchase land where you cannot build the structure that you want, after all. So do your homework and check first. Calling your local council is also a good idea.

Orientation can also matter to some buyers, as this can have a direct impact on energy efficiency. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, for instance, it is advisable to have a northern orientation. This provides a way to heat the home passively while shielding the indoors properly from the sun in the east and west. The result? Better energy efficiency.

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Space and Layout

What’s the size of the land you are planning to buy? What will the layout of the house be like? Your answers to these questions matter. After all, you need to ensure that you have enough room for the house. For example, growing families will need a spacious property than an old couple looking to downsize. Account for storage needs, beds, and other home features that you plan to build. Bear in mind that the block size usually determines the type of home design you can go for.


Land may or may not be connected to the utilities you need, so be sure to check. Determine if you can have gas, electricity, phone, and internet and allocate enough budget for these.

A significant purchase like land has to be thought through before any commitments. Consider these things and make your purchase the right one.

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