Cool Stuff For Your Room: Must-Haves for a Cozy Getaway at Home

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When you move into a new space or decide to redecorate your bedroom, putting your personality on a blank space (let alone a wall!) can be a struggle. You want your room to look interesting, but there are just so many cool things for your room. Which gadgets or items will make your space look cool while making life a bit easier for you? What stuff can make your bedroom look stylish and stay functional?

LED lights, lamps, pillows and other items are cool stuff for your room, but if you’re looking for more ideas, we’re here to help.

We’ve listed other cool things to buy for your room, so you’d have an easier time browsing through stores or avoiding buying too much.

What Things Should You Have in Your Bedroom?

You might be wondering, “How can I make my bedroom cool?The things that you put in your space can set the ambiance of your room.

If you want to amp up your room, here is some stuff that you can add.


When you were a kid, you’ve probably dreamt of having a secret hideaway. Remember those days you’d spent plenty of time making forts on the weekends. Let’s be honest: there are still days that you want an adult-sized fort.

Now, you can! Transform your bedroom into a hideaway/den with a canopy. This Instagram-friendly bedroom accessory amps up the comfort level of your space while adding some character to your bedroom. It also reduces the amount of light you see while in bed, which makes for longer and more comfortable sleeping times.

Saucer Chair

Why bother with having a plain and boring chair for guests when you can have a cozy saucer chair instead? Most saucer chairs are made with soft plush fabrics, giving you the most comfortable feeling while you sit on it. Plus, these chairs are available in different styles and colors, so you can easily match your chair with the décor of your room.

Most saucer chairs are also big enough to accommodate adults and kids. So, anyone can cozily hang out in your bedroom while lounging on your saucer chair.

Mini Fridge

Do you like snacking but are sometimes lazy to go out of your room? A fridge is a lifesaver.

If a big fridge consumes too much space in your room, go for a mini-fridge or a mini cooler. These small refrigerators can fit any corner of a bedroom. You can save space in your room while still having plenty of areas to store your food and drinks. Plus, most mini-fridges weigh less than five pounds, which means you can bring them anywhere you want without a problem.


humidifier next to the bed
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When it comes to having clean and moist air in your room, a humidifier does the job well (especially for your health). This small device provides a cool mist that keeps your room fresh and cozy the entire day. On top of that, most humidifiers come in different fun designs and colors. There are humidifiers that change colors or double as a lamp (to give you a good night’s sleep).

Book Ends

If you’re looking for cool things to have in your room, book ends are must-haves. They hit two goals with one stone: they keep your books organized (and looking pretty cool) while decorating your bedroom. These are perfect bedroom accessories for people who love reading and want to give their room a new look.

To complement the look of your book ends, choose the best books to display. This ensures anyone who visits your room will stare at them for hours, trying to figure out how they fit so well.

Cool and Odd Plant Pots

If you’re a big fan of Anthropologie, this is your license to shop. The store is known for having wonderful and weird things that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s an excellent place to find cool stuff for your room.

Anthropologie is also home to the oddest-looking planters that give any room a statement look. If you’re a big fan of boho themes and earthy colors, odd pots from Anthropologie are lovely additions to your space. If you don’t need any more plants in your room, use these pots to store whatever you need — hair ties, stationery and paper clips would work well.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are all the rage; we’ve seen them on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms. Take this design up a notch by adding them to your window curtains.

Small lights on a string give your window a charming and whimsical look. In case your window is too large, there are extendable fairy lights available in your local hardware store. Connect five sets of lights onto a circuit so that the lights can cover your curtain.

Another way to use your string lights is to add them to your plants. String them up along your plants to give you a cozier feeling.

Cool Furniture

Add personality to your room with some cool furniture. If you’re looking for a standout piece that will attract eyes, why not add a cabinet? Most quirky cabinets are available in different colors and shapes, giving any space plenty of personality. Throw some baskets into the mix to hide the items you don’t want people to see. Feel free to use a couple of shelves to make pretty displays to show off your quirky characteristics.

Unique Mirror

One of the easiest ways to make your room look brighter and feel bigger is to add a mirror. Fortunately, there are plenty of mirror design options available.

The basic mirror already levels up the look of your room. But if you’re feeling experimental, why not go with a unique-shaped mirror that features a frameless design? An unusually shaped mirror adds a modern touch to any space. Plus, it’s cooler than simple stand mirrors.

How Do I Make My Room Vibe?

Apart from buying cool stuff for your room, there are some ways to improve the vibe of your room. Here are some DIY décor tips to make your bedroom the best refuge from the outside world.

Keep it Clean

Clutter in your room negatively impacts your sleep. Everything in your room, from the cluttered nightstand to the dirty clothes on the floor, will keep your brain from shutting off so you can sleep. You don’t even realize that you’re analyzing your surroundings since it’s an automatic part of your mind’s processes.

So, instead of sleeping on the clutter of your room, tidy it up. Donate or throw away keepsakes that no longer serve any purpose.

Use Soothing Colors

Change your color scheme to transform the look of your room. Use color psychology to your advantage.

Switch out your bolder hues or prints for tranquil and soothing shades. Also, limit the colors to two or three shades, then find the shade that will serve as the primary color. Some peaceful shades for your room include:

  1. Beige
  2. Taupe
  3. Sage greens
  4. Pastel purples
  5. Off-whites
  6. Blush pinks

Enhance the Scents

Your bedroom need not have the musty smell of dust or dirty clothes. Create a cooler yet relaxing environment by switching up the scents in the room.

Start by changing your sheets into freshly laundered ones. Use linen sprays or scent-boosting fabric softener so you can snuggle up in your bed and easily drift to sleep. Scented candles are also popular since they improve the scent of the room while improving the atmosphere.

Create Your Ultimate Room

The items inside of your room can make or break its design and feel. So instead of filling your room with random stuff, carefully select the cool things you buy for it. Happy decorating!

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