Curious to learn about Invisalign? Common FAQs answered

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Do you want straighter teeth as an adult but don’t want the hassle of a metal brace?

Well, you’re in luck! In 2021, more dental surgeries than ever before are able to offer patients treatment for crooked teeth with clear and invisible orthodontic tools and, depending on the severity of your misalignment, you may be eligible to have one of these tools to help you straighten your teeth! Great stuff!

But how do they work and are they as reliable in the long-term as metal braces or clear options?

5 common questions about Invisalign in St Johns Wood are answered below, so enjoy!

Are invisible aligners worth it?

Many patients have found that invisible braces are worth it; they are easier to fit around daily life, easier to clean and of course, as they are worn for two weeks per aligner, they require minimal dental check-ups. Studies have found that their long-term results are just as good as results obtained using metal braces, so if your dental team gives you the green light to proceed with them, it is well worth it!

Are invisible aligners painful?

This is hard to quantify as almost everyone has different levels of tolerance to discomfort.

But, as they are moving your teeth, there is going to be some level of pressure and soreness, especially within 2 days of changing the aligner.

Unlike regular braces, however, invisible aligners do not require force to move the teeth; they won’t need to be tightened and they gently push your teeth into their new position. So, when patients who have worn both regular and invisible orthodontic appliances are asked which is more comfortable, they almost always state that the invisible option is more tolerable in daily life.

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Do invisible aligners take a long time to work?

It is a myth that invisible aligners take longer to work than metal ones.

In fact, many invisible aligners work faster, offering a turn-around speed of 6-9 months on average. But of course, this will depend on the issue being corrected and the complexity of the misalignment.

Talk to your dental team for a more comprehensive breakdown of your dental treatment plan and for a more accurate timespan.

Are they expensive?

As an adult, most reputable orthodontic treatments are going to cost money!

And invisible aligners are no different. But, depending on the dental surgery you attend, they may be able to offer you a payment plan which will help you break down the final amount into affordable monthly instalments to fit your budget.

Do the results last?

As mentioned before, long term studies into the efficacy of invisible aligners have found that the results are as good as those obtained by metal braces.

But like metal braces, once you have finished wearing the invisible aligner, there will be a period of wearing a retainer to hold your teeth in place while they set. If you skip this step, then it is likely that the results of these aligners will not last.

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