Debunking 5 Common Root Canal Myths

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Root canal treatment is done to save your natural teeth by getting rid of infected or inflamed pulp tissue from the inside. Your dentist will give you anesthesia before performing the procedure to numb the teeth. The dentist will then use a special file to get rid of all the infected or inflamed tissue then clean, disinfect, and fill the tooth.

Unfortunately, the mere mention of root canal sends shivers to most people. Root canals have a nasty reputation, and you must have heard some of the myths about them on the internet or from a friend. Unfortunately, the misconceptions have made several patients hesitant to undergo the procedure.

1. A root canal procedure is painful

The truth is that root canals are not painful. One of the primary objectives of undergoing root canal treatment is to ease the pain. Therefore, the treatment is geared towards relieving pain, and not causing it. Dentists use anesthesia to make the procedure painless, but you might experience slight discomfort during the procedure. The misconception is spread by people who received the treatment several decades ago when technology isn’t as sophisticated as it is now. Patients who have received the treatment recently describe it as a painless experience.

2. Completing root canal treatment requires several appointments

You may complete root canal therapy within one or two dental appointments. Your dentist in Meridian, Idaho will advise you on the appropriate appointments based on the difficulty of the treatment, extent of the infection, and whether you require referral to an endodontist or not. Dentists also restore your teeth after root canal treatment so that they function correctly. However, it is not true that you require many appointments to complete the therapy.

3. Root canal treatment causes illness

Woman suffering from toothacheYou might have heard that you are at high risks of contracting a disease or becoming ill in the future after receiving root canal treatment. The myth has discouraged several patients from receiving root canal treatment. In reality, there is no link between root canal treatment and diseases in the body.

4. Teeth should hurt before getting root canal therapy

The truth is that teeth that need root canal treatment are not necessarily painful. Therefore, you might be a candidate of root canal even if your teeth do not hurt. Dead teeth require the treatment to prevent them from becoming infected. Your dentist will recommend a root canal treatment after an examination during your regular dental visits.

5. Pulling a tooth is a better option than a root canal

In reality, you will not find a perfect substitution for natural teeth. The best solution is to save and restore your teeth. Also, pulling a tooth can result in your remaining teeth shifting position, which puts them at the risk of complications in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for root canal therapy as opposed to pulling the tooth.

You can make an informed decision now that you know the truth about root canal therapy. These myths should not discourage you from booking an appointment with your dentist for a root canal treatment. Do not forget to liaise with an experienced dentist for the procedure.

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