Designing and Constructing an Aesthetic Backyard Playground

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Suppose you are the type of homeowner who cares about how every area of your property looks. Having a playground in the backyard might not be your cup of tea. Even if you have kids who will surely enjoy them, you might not be sold on this idea.

Let’s be real: Most plastic playgrounds people can get from supermarkets are an eyesore. They don’t look like they can be properly cleaned and maintained. They also usually come in bright colours like yellow and red, which are not visually appealing in a landscape.

But did you know that you can create a backyard playground that’s fun and pleasing to the eye? It’s all about finding the right materials and design. You also need to ensure that it’s built as safely as possible. If this is something you want not just for your kids but also for your inner child, here are some design and construction pointers to remember.

Find sturdy materials

More important than the visual appeal of your backyard playground is its safety, especially if you have small children who can get injured easily. For instance, the timber used for decking and structures is processed wood usually used for planks and beams, which means they are made to strengthen any structure’s integrity.

Partner with reliable suppliers who can help you source the best quality materials because your children’s safety—and yours—depend on it. Once you find the right design and materials, ask a reputable contractor to help you construct it since going the DIY route might be more affordable. But you might also be compromising the strength of the playground.

Stick to a theme or concept

Another way to ensure that your backyard playground looks good is to stick to one theme or concept. Many backyard playgrounds look like an eyesore because parents don’t often think about the visual aspects of the design. They think of what will make the playground fun for the children, which might cause the design to look all over the place. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you value aesthetics, then sticking to one concept is vital.

What theme do you want for the playground? It can be woodland fairies, so warm-toned lights, flowers, and wooden accents might play a big part in the design. How about relaxation? A white hammock might be the best option instead of a regular swing. Are your kids into cars? How about doing a mini race track where their small toy cars can do a race? Think of one design concept and centre the playground elements around it.

Make room for more physical activity

kid playing with water hose

It’s no surprise that the pandemic took a toll on children’s general health and well-being, including their mental, social, emotional, and physical health. If your children have lost interest in playing outside due to the COVID-19 crisis, one of the best things you can do is build a playground that will encourage them to move.

You can incorporate a safe, mini zip line to enjoy and even something like a balance beam that can help them improve their stability skills. There are plenty of playground designs that are fun and aid in your kids’ development. You only need to pick the right ones to incorporate.

Let it reflect your home’s architectural design

There is nothing more jarring in residential property than a playground or an outdoor living space that does not reflect the main home’s architectural design. If you’re thinking of renting out or selling your house one day, the best investment you can make in making it as child-friendly as possible is orienting the design of the backyard playground to the main architectural design of the home.

For example, if your home is more on the modern-industrial-simple side of the spectrum, let the playground reflect that by opting for clean lines and a simple sandbox. If your home has exposed wooden beams, consider using all-wood for the playground to maintain some consistency. Use the same materials used for the main home, and you can be sure there will be some continuity in the structures.

The importance of play in the development and growth of a child cannot be understated. It allows them to stretch their imagination, improve social skills, and develop their physical, emotional, and cognitive strength as well as their dexterity. It will be safer for your kids as well since they will be playing in your backyard. Consider these design and construction tips and give your kids a childhood they will never forget.

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