Did you know butchers use beech as their worktops? Facts about beech that you probably didn’t know


When you are looking for a way to refurbish your kitchen, there are many wooden worktops you can choose from to help with the revamp!

Depending on why you are refurbishing your kitchen, there are a few things to watch out for. If you are looking to makeover a property to rent it out, then price and hardiness will obviously be a factor. If you are wanting to add a timeless elegance to your home, then you will probably look for something a bit more traditional.

While deciding on what you want to add to your home, you may come across the ever-striking beech worktop in the UK. Unlike oak, beech worktops are commonly selected for their hardiness – the next time you visit a butcher shop, the wooden surface that they cut the meat on is probably going to be made of beech! Yet, this wood type has fallen prey to some rather unfortunate myths, which have deterred people from seeking it as a part of their kitchen.

In this article, those myths will be explored, allowing you to decide if a beech worktop around the UK is what your kitchen needs. Enjoy!

It will splinter

Fact about beech- In actuality, beechwood rarely splinters hence why it is commonly used in butchers when cutting meat.

When you have a beech worktop from the UK fitted in your kitchen, you will likely be surprised at its hardiness; it can take spills, scalding and innumerable hours of cutting and preparing food on it and it won’t show any damage. And even if your kitchen isn’t a place where handcrafted, gourmet meals are prepared every day, it will still look striking with its golden hues.

It will rot

Fact about beech- Provided that you purchase your new work surface from a reputable company, the beech should be sealed which will prevent rotting.

And as part of the maintenance of your new beech based work surface, you will need to ensure that it is varnished regularly to prevent rotting. Don’t worry; the varnishes are easily affordable and will not alter the taste of the food prepared on the surface afterwards.

beech tree

It will shatter or crack

Fact about beech- Wood’s hardness is measured using the Janka Scale. It measures how much force is required to force a 0’44 steel ball into the surface of the wood. The higher the number, the tougher the wood. Beech scores 1300 on this scale, making it a wood that will not shatter or crack in the standard kitchen!

It will stain

Fact about beech- Provided that the wood is sealed with the correct varnish, it will not hold on to any stains, meaning you are free to cut any foods you wish without concern.

It will age quickly

Fact about beech- Once again, to ensure that your beech surface does not age quickly, maintenance is a must. Be sure to stock up on the appropriate varnishes and brushes to keep that golden wood looking its most beautiful for longer.


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