Dinner Tonight: Making Plans with Your Friends


As adults, you know too well that life happens, and everybody is busy. But that should not always keep you from coming up with friends. You should make an effort to stay closer to them. And the same rule should also apply to them. Going on friend dates will surely help in making your relationship stronger. You get updated on their lives, which in turn will help you adjust your expectations, thus strengthening the bond. But face it: making plans with friends can be the worst part of the entire activity. There will always be instance and problems that can make the both of your unavailable.

But planning should not be a total wreck. Try a little harder and encourage each other to make the meet-up happen. Other than that, you should also remember different aspects of the plan, such as the venue, the activity, and the time. Covering all the bases will undoubtedly help in increasing the chances of making the friend date happen. Here are some things that you should bear in mind:

Suggest the date and venue

If you want the friend date to happen, you might want to take the lead. And if you’re going to get the ball rolling, have a concrete plan. Some friends are okay with the suggestions of the initiators, especially if they are that busy at the moment yet they want to see you. In this case, you might want to pick the date and the venue. Be flexible and have the suggest a time if they are not amenable with the date you are suggesting. When choosing a place and activity, consider the financial capability of your friend; that is a kind thing to do. But there is one failproof suggestion that will never get old: enjoying a night at a bar-restaurant in Spring Hill.

Follow their suggestions

If your suggestions do not work for them, you might want them to suggest the activity and venue. That is also a kind thing to do. Making a compromise is a good thing for friendship. Do not overreact when they are suggesting something expensive. Otherwise, you might want to inform them of your incapability at the moment; they will understand it. It is also a good thing that you step out of your comfort zone.

Do not be a flaker

Dinner with friends

Making plans with your friends is an indication that you are going to be there. You will need to do your best to be with them. Remember, this meet-up is your attempt to strengthen your friendship. You should not be a flaker.

In the end, you should remember that strengthening your bonds with your best friends should be one of your priorities in life. A strong friendship does not happen in an instant. You and your friends must always be on the right page. Treat it like a plant. It needs good soil, proper care, and the right nourishment. When you do all the necessary things, you invest yourself in the friendship.

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