Discipline: Teaching Your Child What’s Right and Wrong Without Hurting Them

disciplining a child

While hitting and spanking your child isn’t really something that’s widely accepted in the United States and much of the western world, it’s still happening. Studies have shown that one in at least 1 in 7 children in the United States has experienced child abuse in one way or form in the last few years. Although these studies don’t necessarily just touch on physical child abuse has also delved into sexual and psychological abuse.

As most of us know, correcting bad behavior is key to ensuring that our son or daughter will have a better life when they’re older. Traditionally, most parents, especially those with more conservative backgrounds, will resort to corporal punishment to correct bad behavior. In reality, there are more negative effects of this style of punishment. In most cases, this will inadvertently do more harm than good when children are older.

We understand that raising children isn’t really an easy task, and there will be times that we are too stressed out that our emotions tend to get the better of us. But there are ways of disciplining our child without having to resort to corporal punishment and verbal abuse. Here are some ways of disciplining your child without having to hurt them physically.

Consider Their Age

First and foremost, you have to take a step back and ask yourself why they’re acting that way. Is it normal for them to be acting that way for their age, or do they really need some discipline for something that shouldn’t have been done? For instance, children who are already past five years of age are already able to discern what’s right from wrong. If they do break something, it might be because it was an accident, or they’re curious about it.

Professional Help

There’s going to be times that we just have too much on our plate to give our children our undivided attention. While we do want to give our child our care and attention, we might need help in ensuring that our children will get the learning and development that they need while they are still young. Fortunately, child care services are able to provide much-needed quality education and attentive care that these children need.

Be Strict With A Firm “No”

Mom hugging her daughter

Sometimes, a firm and stern “no” is what your child will need. Being too complacent with the needs of your child can result in spoiling them. The last thing that a parent wants is a child that always wants their way with anything.

It’s also important to note that being able to turn down the request of others is something that is needed in a mature environment.

Reward Good Behavior

Lastly, one of the best ways of ensuring that your child will learn not to do something inappropriate is by incentivizing good behavior. Did they do a good job at school? You can get them something that they’ve always wanted. Did they help someone in need? Let them know that they’re doing good work.

There are several ways of disciplining your child without having to even place your hands on them. There’s really no firm answer on how you should discipline your child since they are still developing, and there’s basically no be-all-end-all manual when it comes to parenting. Still, each child is unique and different in their own way, and parents should consider different ways of catering to their child’s emotional needs.

Remember: children should know why their parents are scolding them. Being able to discern what’s right from what’s wrong is paramount in the child’s development and having a sense of morality.

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