Do You Really Need a Jacuzzi? Save Money by Avoiding these Amenities


For sure, everyone has a dream house. They list down all the amenities that they want to see and fantasize about each room.

Unfortunately, financial capacities and an ever-aggressive real estate market compel them to compromise, and that’s perfectly fine. Choosing to scale your needs down to save money is an essential part of financial stability, especially when you’ve been accustomed to a life of luxury.

Simplify your life and read a real estate guide to better prepare for the home-buying process. Here are house amenities that you might want but probably don’t need:

Jacuzzi and pool

As the title suggests, a jacuzzi and a luxurious lap pool might be excessive for your future home. Having a pool in your backyard doesn’t actually improve the property valuation. If anything, it can worsen it because it’s not a home essential. Not to mention, your pool and hot tub’s regular maintenance – monthly heating, filter replacement, and water and chemical cost – can break your budget.

A second floor

While most houses already come with a second story, it won’t hurt to opt for a single-story house to help your savings.

If you’re concerned about space, you can instead install a loft or a mezzanine to maximize storage without having too much money raising the ceiling and building a second floor.

Smart technology

Ambient and automated control through smart computing is convenient but requires that most of your appliances have smart technology – lights, refrigerator, television, thermostat, and even your locks and doors. These can be costlier than regular appliances. You will also have to shell out money for a central command device.

It’s better if you can afford a smart home, but not being able to will not make life impossible.

Home theatre and game rooms

Your home entertainment system doesn’t need to be grand, and you don’t need a room dedicated to just watching movies and playing video games.

You can just maximize your living area. Choose a large TV of your liking, mount it unto the wall to save floor space, and connect your consoles in one place. You can also install soundbars on your coves.

Walk-in closet

If you have way too many clothes, don’t force your house to adjust to your clutter.


Instead of having a big walk-in closet – which essentially tells that you have room to waste – you can save money and space by furnishing floor-to-ceiling wardrobes on your bedrooms. Or just get rid of your excess of clothes, plain and simple.

Spa and yoga room

The allure of being able to relax in a spa or do yoga on a Saturday afternoon is palpable but easily avoidable if your funds are tight.

This doesn’t mean you can’t improvise though. Just fill your tub with warm water, apply a face mask, and indulge in good music and your choice of aromatherapies.

If you want to do yoga, you can install a wall mirror and whip out your mat on any open floor space. Easy!

Kitchen kits

You might choose to have a humble backyard space, maybe even a barbecue area, but you can definitely do away with an outdoor kitchen. They’re particularly hard to maintain as your kitchen equipment are always exposed.

Similarly, having an expensive kitchen island just for the extra counter space might not be worth it. Ironically, they take up more space and can disrupt your house’s layout.

Ultimately, location will always be better than built-in luxuries in choosing a home. If you do feel the need to enjoy these amenities, then you can go out and get to know the community a little bit more.

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