Essential Gear for Bull Riding

bull riding

Some people assume that bull riding for eight seconds is an easy thing and thus see no need for all the equipment most cowboys have. Bulls are nonetheless born to buck and will, therefore, take immense joy in unseating even confident cowboys. Bull riders are thus highly-trained athletes who will spend ages honing their skills to avert the risk of deadly injuries by an angry bull. Staying aboard a bucking and twisting bull is a combination of the right equipment and training coupled with some luck.

A store with a men’s cowboy boots sale along with other bull riding equipment should be your first stop when embarking on bull riding. Here, you will get all your must-have equipment under one roof at unbelievably low prices. Here are the essentials you should get at this sale.

Bull Rope

This is the primary piece of equipment for bull riding. The rope is often tied around the animal’s girth section behind the front legs. Bull ropes are made of grass, nylon and other materials with a handle braided at its center then further stiffened using leather. The side that should be tied to the bull comprises an adjustable knot that allows the adjustment of its size based on your bull’s size. The rear of the handle consists of a flat braid coated using rosin to make its handling by a rider easy and minimize injuries. A bell will be strapped to the rope’s knot to allow it to fall off the animal when the rider dismounts.



These are the most visible element of your riding gear and are generally made of leather and at times printed with a sponsor’s name. Chaps may be flashy and decorative to enhance the look of your riding gear. They are nonetheless primarily used for the protection of your leg and thighs against the bull’s hooves and horns when riding.


You will use one hand to grip your bull rope during the ride. The gloves you need for hand protection for this are made of leather and prevent rope burns to your fingers and hands. Some gloves also have additional rosin for enhancing their grip over the rope and keeping a rider on the bull for an extended period.

Cowboy Hat and Helmets

These mark the most distinguished equipment of a bull rider’s gear. In the past, cowboy hats were the only form of head protection and balance maintenance for bull riders, but nowadays, there exist protective masks and helmets for extra protection.  The face mask will protect the jaw and face while the helmet is designed for the protection of vulnerable areas of the head from injuries.


The boots specifically meant for bull riding have a unique spur for their heel. This spur has a ridge that will keep it in place. Loosely-locked spurs are used for balance maintenance during your ride.

Bull riding is an exhilarating sport but has left many riders with grave injuries. To guarantee you enjoy your riding without any injuries, it is essential to invest in the above equipment. You should also get them from the best supplier possible to ensure you have durable and safe equipment worth your money.

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