Eye Creams: Knowing More About Them

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They say the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. You can easily see if one is happy, in pain, angry, or determined, just by simply looking at their eyes. However, aside from seeing deep down a person’s soul and emotion, one can also see through a person’s health, lifestyle, age, and even struggle.

How? The skin gives it away. Dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles are just some of the most common features that come with aging. Products such as Kedma Skincare eye creams can help prevent the appearances of these unwanted features.

However, not everyone is convinced of the need for eye creams. Below, are some questions frequently asked by people who have yet to try eye creams.

Do you really need an eye cream?

The quick answer is YES. The goal of an eye cream is to hydrate the skin around the eyes. Yes, you might be using facial moisturizer to help hydrate other parts of the face and putting it in your eye areas can easily be done. But that is not enough. Eye creams are designed specifically for the eyes.

What does it do?

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The eye deserves a whole tube of cream just for itself because the skin in the eye is different from that of the rest of the body. It might just be a small part of your face, but the skin in the eyes is thin and does not absorb as much moisture as compared with your forehead, cheeks, and chin among others.

Thus, an eye cream is specially formulated to penetrate deep down the thin skin of your eyes and give it the moisture that it deserves. Aside from being thin and hard to penetrate, the skin around the eyes is also sensitive. Ingredients in eye cream are made to cater to such sensitivity.

How do I choose which one is right for me?

Like other skin care products, there are also a lot of eye creams available in the market. But because the eye is a sensitive area, one should typically use fragrance-free and hypoallergenic ones. It would be nice to smell good, but such formulation is often more aggressive than fragrance-free ones.

You should also have a goal. Do you want just to remove the dark circles? Or also prevent wrinkles and fine lines? Answering this can help you determine which the right one for you is.

When should I start using one?

People have the notion that they should start using anti-aging eye creams when they hit their 30s or even 40s. While there is nothing wrong with this mindset, one should realize that aging happens every day and therefore would benefit more if they can start the anti-aging process as early as possible.

Using anti-aging eye creams as early as in your 20s will do no harm to anyone. In fact, the earlier you care for your skin, the better result you could reap in the future.

Invest in an eye cream today and see how it can help make your eyes (and everything around it) glow the way that it should.

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