Fitness Hobbies: More Than Exercise

Traditional workouts are great for some people, but not everyone has the mindset to pump iron in a gym. For them, they want something more than fitness. Others may want an activity that helps them stay fit without the high stress on the muscles. Fortunately, there are several activities out there that can keep you fit as much as exercising. Here’s a quick look at several of them so that you can try them out.

Start Singing

 Singing lessons may not seem like a workout, but it is a very demanding hobby on the body. For one, to sing correctly, you have to use your lungs extensively. Your lungs are your musical instrument when singing, so they will get an incredible workout. Besides that, singing lets your diaphragm and abdominal muscles work. A good singer will have increased stamina and aerobic capacity from that alone. Singing also boosts your immune system. Studies show that a singing rehearsal boosts proteins in the immune system.

Besides the physical benefits, singing is also a great way to release endorphins into your body. This naturally boosts your mood. It is also very relaxing, which is something that many people need right now.

Dance to a Beat

Another musical pastime that can help get you fit is dancing. Whether it is ballroom dancing or something more modern, being able to dance can do wonders for your body. Depending on what sort of dancing you do, there are several physical benefits.

For one, it is a whole-body workout. Don’t doubt that every moment you are on the dance floor, you are burning calories. After a good dance session, you will be sweating had and is usually the equivalent of a good jogging session. It all depends on what sort of dancing you do.

Medium intensity dances are those that require partners like ballroom dancing and salsa. Your legs and arms will get a workout with all the movement and lifting that happens. You can also take it up a notch with hip-hop and modern dance. These are high-intensity dances that will push you to the limit. Your flexibility, strength, and stamina will all get a boost from a good dance workout.

Climbing up

Going outdoors is not new when it comes to fitness. Jogging and running are great workouts. But if you want something more challenging that will engage your mind, then rock climbing can be a fitness hobby for you. Instead of running or moving on a flat surface, you are climbing up a rock wall. This is not going to be easy since finding handholds will challenge your mind while the act of holding your entire body up can strain your body.

If you want to start small, you can try the many gyms out there that offer rock climbing walls. These provide you with a safe environment that can help you hone your skills to attempt the real challenge of taking on the natural rock walls of mountains.

Rock climbing works on your arm and leg strength while also improving your cardiovascular health. Your first time to climb can be a hellish experience, but with continued practice, you will be going up those rock walls like a rocket in no time.


a man and a woman at the top of a hiking trail

Hiking the Trails

 For something more sedate, you can choose to start hiking. It may seem like jogging or running, but the difference is that hikers savor the experience more. Hiking is more about the trail rather than getting fit. But make no mistake, if you hike regularly, you are getting physical benefits. The longer trails will challenge your stamina and endurance. You can start with easy paths that will only take a few hours to trek with zero obstacles in the way. More experienced hikers will want to explore the more rugged paths.

Take up Biking

Another fitness activity that doesn’t get much attention is biking. If you bike to work every day, you can reasonably get into fit shape. Biking is a full-body workout that will also save you a lot of money if you use it as your main mode of transport. Your legs will get most of the benefit, but your arms and chest will also benefit from keeping the bike upright. Your stamina will also greatly increase.

Don’t let “boring” exercises stand in the way of getting fit and healthy. There are a variety of fun activities out there that will help tone your body. All you have to do is be creative and put in the effort.

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