Five Interesting Renovations That Can Reduce Mental Disorders in Your Home

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The United States is considered the third most depressed country in the world. It has one of the highest depression rates in the world. Additionally, one in five Americans suffers from some form of mental illness. This number is only increasing.

Interestingly enough, your home is partially responsible for your mental health. Secluded and dark homes are more likely to lead to depression. If your home is cluttered, it can also trigger anxiety. But there are some exciting renovations you can do to help reduce mental disorders in your home. Here are some of them.

Bring in More Sunlight

American homes tend to be quite secluded and lack the windows to bring the necessary sunlight in. There are many more benefits to sunlight beside the vitamin D it gives you. Studies have shown that it also produces serotonin, a hormone responsible for your happiness. It also helps improve your sleep quality. There are various ways you can bring more sunlight into your home. One of the most efficient ways is to install more windows. You can hire a window installation service to do it for you. They know exactly where to place the windows and how to install them properly.

Another way to bring more sunlight is by painting your walls in brighter colors. This will make the rooms in your home appear more open and airy.

Install a Greenhouse

Another way to bring more sunlight into your home is by installing a greenhouse. A greenhouse will also help you grow your plants and vegetables. Having plants in your home has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve your overall mood. If you don’t have the space for a greenhouse, you can also put potted plants around your home.

The average cost of a greenhouse is around $6,000. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s something that can last you for many years. Ensure that you choose the right greenhouse for your home and that it can fit your backyard.

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Create More Open Space

If your home feels cramped and cluttered, it can trigger anxiety and make you feel claustrophobic. Creating more open space in your home will help reduce these feelings. One way to do this is by removing some of your furniture. Another way is to rearrange the furniture to create a more open feel. You can also consider renting a storage unit if you have too much stuff.

You can also create the illusion of more space by hanging mirrors on your walls. Mirrors reflect light and make the room appear larger than it is.

You can also adopt an open floor plan. This kind of floor plan is becoming increasingly popular in new homes. It involves removing walls to create one large living space. This can be expensive and time-consuming, but it will make your home feel much more open. It also allows more room for social interactions, which can help you and your family feel more connected.

Let in Fresh Air

Another way to improve your mental health is by letting fresh air into your home. This means opening up your windows and doors when the weather is nice. Additionally, you should avoid using toxic chemicals in your home. These chemicals can be found in cleaning products, scented candles, and air fresheners. They can trigger anxiety and cause headaches. Instead, use natural cleaning products and diffusers with essential oils.

There are also other ways you can let fresh air in. For example, having more ventilation in your home will help circulate the air. You can install a ventilation system or open up the windows more often.

Additionally, you can also bring nature into your home. You can do this by adding plants or flowers. You can also hang pictures of nature scenes on your walls.

Declutter Your Home

Clutter is a significant source of stress, but sadly, you might not notice it. It’s because it’s something you’ve become accustomed to. If your home is cluttered, it can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. The first step to decluttering your home is to get rid of anything you don’t need. This includes clothes, books, knick-knacks, and old furniture. You can donate these items or sell them online.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the unnecessary stuff, you need to find a place for everything else. This means creating a system for your belongings. You can do this by buying storage bins and labeling them. You should also make a cleaning schedule to help keep your home tidy.

Making these simple changes to your home can reduce your risk of developing a mental disorder. It can also help you live a much healthier life. Start doing these tips whenever you can!

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