Four Situations That Require a Plumber


There are problems that you can fix on your own, such as a leaking faucet in the kitchen sink, but how do you identify which instances are best left to the experts? Attempting to repair something that you do not have enough knowledge about can lead to further damage to your home. It can even be more costly in the end if you need to hire someone to undo your failed project.
Take a look at this guide to help you determine if there is a need to call a plumber.

Multiple clogged drains

If you are experiencing a problem with just one drain, this can usually be solved with the use of a plunger or pouring clearing solution down the drain. But if multiple drains in your St. George home have become clogged, there may be a problem deep in the plumbing system, which is causing the blockage of the drains. Advanced equipment may be needed to resolve this.

Pipe relocation

For those who plan to undertake a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you might want to move the sink or toilet bowl to another part of the room. Transferring the aforementioned fixtures to a new location will require the relocation of the pipes as well. For this to be done, the flooring needs to be removed and reroute the pipes across the room. A complex project like this must be handled by someone who is equipped with the proper tools and training, so you will need a plumber for this one.

Burst pipes

When it is cold outside in wintertime, the pipes may freeze over and burst. This can cause serious flooding all over the house. When this happens, the first thing you have to do is to find water supply cut-off valves near the leak. Sometimes there is a valve that cuts off supply only to the leak and not the entire house. If there is none, look for the main water shut-off valve and turn it off. Once the water supply has been cut off, find a plumber that can immediately attend to your needs.

Here are some tips that can prevent pipes from freezing over:

  • Insulate the pipes located in a cool place
  • Have existing cracks repaired
  • Make sure that the house is sufficiently heated during winter

Replacing pipes

Young plumber fixing the water heater

At some point, the pipes in your house will need to be replaced. Galvanized steel and copper supply lines last for about fifty years. On the other hand, cast iron drain lines may last for approximately 75 to a hundred years.

Aside from suffering from old age, pipes can also get corroded when minerals from the water build up on the inside. Another cause of corrosion is connecting galvanized steel and copper pipes. You should do this only when you have a dielectric union on hand. The dielectric union is a joint that prevents galvanized steel and copper pipes from getting close to one another. If your pipes are corroded or begin to show signs of aging, you will have to get the help of a plumber to have them replaced.

A fully functioning plumbing system is essential for every home. Without it, it would be difficult to do basic activities and chores around the house. That is why it is a homeowner’s responsibility to keep it well-maintained and call for professional assistance if the need arises.

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