Fun Times with the Family at the Lake

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Thousands of residents and visitors spend wonderful times at Lake Michigan. The vast lake is great for water sports and serves as a great venue for entertaining friends and family.

Ride the Waves

Take your kids and their friends out for some tubing, and they’ll be the most popular kids at the school. With a couple of tubes, rope, and some life vests, you can head out to the lake for a fun afternoon with the kids. Of course, you better prepare yourself for a lot of loud screaming, because the kids will be having so much fun. A pontoon boat is an ideal ride. It has more room and you can easily customize it to make your kids more comfortable.

Of course, you can also make do with a regular fishing boat, although you won’t have too much space. Older and more adventurous kids can give water skiing and wakeboarding a try. Wakeboarding is one of the most popular activities in the lakes, and your kids won’t miss a chance to hit the waters once they get good at the sport.

Make Waves of Your Own

Purchase or rent a few jet skis and you can fulfill your need for speed on the water. Jet skis are generally safe, and they usually have space for two so you can pair up with smaller children. Riding on a jet ski is exhilarating. The wind on your face, the splashes of water, and the boat constantly rising and dropping on swells delivers an adrenaline rush that is hard to top.

With proper life vests and adult supervision, there should be little to no problem regarding safety. If you are a little adventurous, you can take your kids or friends on a ride across the lake and into Chicago. The trip is around 40 miles and would take an hour or so — less if you’re pushing the throttle.

Entertain Friends

Take the parties out of the house and entertain friends and colleagues on the lake. A customized pontoon can have you serving chilled drinks and cooking up a barbecue as if you’re in your own home. If you want to party hard, you can even install a hot tub and a few lights to really get into the spirit. A night on the water is both more intimate and memorable. You can strengthen your bonds with friends or impress your peers and hopefully, the higher-ups.

Of course, You’ll need to follow a few guidelines to keep everyone safe when on the water. Make sure nobody drinks too much alcohol and keep rough-housing at a minimum. Stop the boat in a safe area and keep it there for the duration of your gathering. You wouldn’t want someone falling off and getting left behind. Keep your boat lighted up so other people can see it and keep track of each other to avoid any accidents.

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Fishing for the Grown-ups

Once the adults and old-timers get their turn, you can spend an afternoon (or a whole day) fishing. You can still use a pontoon when fishing, although you might want a tritoon if you want to keep up with the latest fishing boats. You can easily customize a pontoon for serious fishing trips.

Add a few livewells, swiveling corner seats, some rod slots, and a depth-finder and you should be catching fish without any hitches. What you give up in speed, you make up in comfort. Pontoon rides are more relaxing — with none of the jarring movements you get in a normal fishing boat.

Lake Michigan is a great place to spend the weekends — whether it’s a thrilling adventure with the kids or a quiet day of fishing. Take a trip away from the asphalt and into the water and have a splendid day at the lake.

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