Why You Need to Give Your Solo Child a Sibling

siblings share a meal

Many people think that if you are an only child, you are fortunate, spoiled, and get everything you want. Well, sometimes, it is the case, but not all the time. There are those only-child who are longing for a sibling, unhappy with the fact that they are the only child. Yet, some don’t prefer to have a sibling because they would get anything they want if they are solo.

There are pros and cons to being an only child. Today we will focus on the pros. If you are an only child, have you ever thought of having a sibling? Have you ever thought of the feeling of having someone supporting you- who will be your enemy and your best friend at one? And as a parent, have you ever considered giving your only child a sibling? A sibling that they would want to protect? A sibling that would also be a shoulder to cry on when things get complicated.  

Well, you should consider it. There is nothing wrong with raising an only child. Many couples are happy to have one happy child. But giving your child a sibling has a lot of benefits. If you consider adding a new member to your happy family, here are the advantages that your child will enjoy:

They will have someone to share their frustrations with

Most children are afraid or uncomfortable with sharing their frustrations with their parents. When you punish them, they feel like your rules are locking them. They often rebel because they don’t have someone to share their thoughts with. They usually run to their friends, which may be a bad influence on them.  

Except for siblings, no one else would understand how it feels to be raised by the same parents. So, if you give your child a sibling, they will have someone to talk to about their complaints. It will help them cool off their anger and frustrations. They will have someone to release when they feel a lot of tension within. 

They will have someone to split chores with

Most families begin to teach chores and obligations to their children when they reach a particular degree of maturity. Some started teaching it while they were still young. If your child is solo, they might get tired and feel burdened by the numerous chores they need to do.   But, what if they have someone to help them carry the burden? House chores will not seem overwhelming any longer. The siblings might even come up with interesting methods to share duties or accomplish them together.  

They can teach each other

Because older ones learned first, they have the knowledge to share with the younger ones. And growing up with an older brother or older sister can give some unique experiences. An older sibling can share their wisdom. Especially when they are of the same sex, they can share more with their sibling, which will be valuable as they grow.

They will grow up happily

Studies also show that people who grow up with siblings have a happier childhood. Thus, reducing the risk of developing mental illnesses and disorders. In most cases, cognitive problems and disorders develop due to family issues.

But if in case one of the siblings still develop a disorder such as a binge eating disorder, the other sibling can provide support and help them get through the treatment. They can help them recover and get better through a binge eating disorder treatment plan.

They will have a friend to play with

Playing is an important activity to a child, and it is very crucial to their mental health. Study shows that most children prefer playing with a companion. Having someone to play with makes them forget that the parents are busy. They will both learn how to enjoy together and grow with cool memories of having a playmate.

There will be fewer dull moments

As a parent, having children of different ages and different levels of development offers you a lot of unique experiences. You will always be busy, and in the best way possible, happy as you watch your children grow up healthily. As for them, they will always find their playmate a good source of entertainment, playing here and there. There will never be a dull moment.  

Having someone to protect

Having a little sister or brother to protect with might make your firstborn a superhero and stronger. It will help them develop the courage and strength to defend their little sibling, which might benefit them until they are older.  

They won’t be alone

You have to accept that time will come when you’ll need to leave your children. And when that time comes, you will be confident knowing that they will never be alone. Their older brother or sister will always be there for them, protecting and supporting them like a second parent.    There are a lot of advantages to giving your child a sibling. Consider this list as you thought of having the next member of your happy little family.

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