Green Home, Healthier Living: How to Renovate to a Environmentally Friendly Home

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Many millennials today are obsessed with environmentally friendly homes. However, it’s not only them making this movement. Ever since the turn of the century, many people worldwide are becoming more environmentally conscious. Everyone is doing their part to save the environment.

Last year there was a significant decrease in greenhouse gases being emitted into the environment. There was a 17% to a 25% decrease, and many attribute this to the quarantine protocols implemented by various governments worldwide to combat the pandemic. But it is actually a growing trend because even in 2019, there was a decrease in greenhouse gases in the USA. But what is fueling this movement? One of the leading pioneers of this movement is the kind of houses we build and create today.

Green Homes

Green homes don’t mean that we paint our house green to signify that we are becoming more environmentally friendly. It means that we are implementing various measures to make our homes environmentally friendly. There are many factors to these kinds of homes, from the lighting it uses to the energy it uses to power appliances. But one thing you need to know is that these homes use energy more efficiently, increasing the savings of people who live within them. So how do you renovate to a green home?

Green Energy

The concept of green energy is using renewable energy to fuel our homes. Many of our energy needs are still powered by using fossil fuel (64%). However, this is continuously decreasing every year as we find more ways to use renewable energy in our homes. One famous way to do this is through solar energy.

Solar energy uses the natural power from the sun and converts it to electricity. It emits little to no greenhouse gas and can be used almost anywhere. You’re not going to need a big commercialized panel for this to work in your home. Although, if you do have a big home, you might have to get one of those. But for traditional houses, a couple of residential panels should do the job.

Additionally, it’s not that hard to install these panels. Some already have built-in installation platforms, and all you need to do is place them on your roof. Some sellers install these panels for you. Moreover, using solar energy is so cheap that you can save up to $30,000 in expenses as long as you maintain your panels. That’s more than enough to pay back whatever money you invested in them in a couple of years.

house with solar panel roofs

One of the less popular ways of producing green energy is through a wind-electric system. Although these kinds of systems make less power than solar panels, they are good to use for locations in your house that you don’t often visit, like greenhouses or in your garden.

The best part about using green energy in your home is that you don’t need too much renovation for it to work. Installation is a breeze, and contractors can do it for you. So you can enjoy your green energy right after the weekend of its installation.

Smart Devices

Smart devices fuel the homes of the future. They are also one of the critical instruments in green homes. Many smart devices can monitor your energy consumption and maintain them at acceptable levels. This means more efficient use of energy. Some smart devices can monitor appliances that you don’t use all time. It can turn these appliances off when they are not in need. This is very useful for lighting and HVAC systems. This can help decrease your bills and even the amount of greenhouse gas produced to power your home.

Installing smart devices into your home is also not that hard. Some have manuals in them that are easy to follow. Sellers of these devices also offer to install these devices for you. You don’t need to renovate your house entirely for this. Contractors usually only change your electrical system so that it can accommodate the smart devices that you’re planning to install.

Green Water Purification Systems

One of the ways we pollute our environment is through the water we use every day. Chlorine is an artificial pollutant that is used in water found in places like our swimming pool. This particular contaminant is dangerous to much marine wildlife. It’s also harmful to you.

Installing a carbon block filter into your water system can help you avoid this contaminant from completely infiltrating your home. It can also stop you from drinking Chlorine infested waters on your sink. These filters are easy to install. You only need to place them on your sink and turn them on. There needs to be some tube connected to it. Follow the manual, and you should be good to go.

These carbon filters are great for stopping contaminants like Chlorine from entering your home. It’s also great in protecting the environment against such pollutants.

Here are some ways you can change your home into an environmentally friendly one. These renovations aren’t too much work, and if you do them all at once, you can have a green home right after the weekend. They are great for saving money too!

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