Living in the Time of COVID-19: Having Fun Under the Lockdown

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This pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate things and see the bigger picture. People who lost their jobs found that they can do something else that helps them become more productive. At the same time, other people found that they can be more creative while at home.

There are a lot of things people discovered they can do while stuck at home. They paid more attention to chores such as calling insect and mosquito control specialists to finish whatever chores they had left hanging. They took up different hobbies and discovered new ones they could do. At work, they discovered that it’s totally possible to do things and get to relax at the same time.

Perhaps it’s times like this that bring out the best in people. It all depends on how one person views the situation and decides how to go about solving their problems. Take a look at the ideas that were sprung during times of trials like this pandemic.

Looking at the Positive Side of Unemployment

It’s never good to be unemployed at any time. During the pandemic, it’s double the challenge to be unemployed, especially if you forgot to put away savings. While you could always go for remote work, you also need to stay positive about the circumstances.

One way to do that is to discover new hobbies. Here’s a fun fact—most of the hobbies that we enjoy today got an unexpected boost during the Great Depression, another era in the U.S. where a large number of the population experienced today’s levels of unemployment.

Some of the hobbies that emerged during this time in history include birdwatching, music-making, stamp collecting, and woodworking. It’s a good way to be distracted even while you’re in between employment.

The Hobbies Discovered in the Pandemic are Completely New

Birdwatching and stamp collecting are worthwhile hobbies. Given that they were discovered before the digital age, however, they may not be in tune with what most of today’s generation deems ‘cool’ and ‘with the times.’

In the age of the Internet, there are new hobbies that have turned up. Pandemic searches for hobbies to do yielded tie-dyeing clothes, TikTok challenge videos, and PowerPoint parties as some of the top things to do while at home. It may also overtake the hobbies discovered during the Great Depression as the hobbies of the next age.

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Translating Improvements to Work from Home

If you’re one of the new-age workers who have been displaced from the office and yet still has your work, consider yourself lucky. Many people have been sent home from work once the lockdowns took effect with no more jobs. Some did manage to find jobs once they’ve settled down at home and began to adjust to the remote workforce life.

To have a successful time working from home, one of the projects you can undertake—it’s almost like a hobby—is to designate a space where you can finish your tasks or projects in peace. Consider using lighting that’s conducive to work. Choose an area that doesn’t have that much foot traffic. This is an essential tool in finishing your work motivated and ready to come back for more the next day.

Staying Healthy at Home

If you’re tired of working and you aren’t in the mood for hobbies, maybe workouts can get you out of your funk.

Staying fit during the pandemic can help your immune system and give you a host of other benefits. Most of these benefits can also help you best the doldrums of the pandemic; your mental health is most important during this season, where you can feel detached from your peers and relatives, and exercising can help you focus on what’s important.

You can also feel more active at work if you start your day with exercise, substituting it for the time you spend commuting to work.

Designating Space for Work and Other Things

Hobbies and working from home can be effective during the pandemic, but not if you don’t have the space to work in.

There are areas in your home that might not be used at all. You can use these to your advantage. Re-arrange them to have your own space to work at home or use them to support your hobbies. It’s definitely better than just letting them go to waste.

There are a lot of things that might happen between now and when the pandemic finally lifts, but it’s important to stay positive. Keep doing the hobbies that you love and see if you have remote work that feels like a hobby. You’ll feel better that you sought this out.

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