Helpful Tips to Encourage Your Child to Become Independent


We know that our kids needing us can be a great feeling. However, the end-goal for every parent is to raise an independent adult who can handle the real world. Therefore, we cannot “baby” them every step of the way. To help you out, here are some excellent ways you can teach your child how to become independent.

Give Responsibilities

It is crucial to give your kid responsibilities that they will be accountable for – that way, they can handle things such as homework and deadlines with ease in the future. However, we are not suggesting that you let your kids take control of your finances. Find tasks that are suitable for their age, such as putting their toys away or filling the dog’s bowl with water. While you may want to reward them for each small task they complete, we do not recommend that because they need to learn that people expect things from them.

Start Education Early

Starting your kid’s education as early as possible is an excellent way to encourage them to become more independent. While your child may struggle a bit at first to say goodbye to you, they will come to enjoy school. They will learn that they cannot always ask their teacher for help and how to solve problems by themselves. We suggest that you find an excellent daycare in Salt Lake City to help you nurture your child’s independence.

Create a Routine

It is crucial that kids have a proper routine that they can follow. It can be hard for them to make decisions if there is no guide for them to follow. If your kid knows what has to be done at specific times and days, they will start doing it by themselves. That way, they will know how to keep themselves busy and productive without you telling them what to do every day.

Encourage Effort

Many kids struggle with perfection because they always want to win or be good at something. They may feel anxiety about facing failure that they may not be willing to try something. Therefore, you should focus on praising them for the effort rather than the result. You should let them know it is good to try to step out of their comfort zones and try new things, even if they may not succeed immediately.

Encourage Problem Solving

Teaching a child

Many kids rely on their parents to solve their problems for them. While this may be fine for larger issues, your child should not look for you to fix every small dilemma. As parents, we cannot ignore our children when they need help, but you should encourage them to solve smaller problems by themselves. You should give them the chance to find a solution by asking them “How?” when they ask you for help. For instance, if they accidentally broke their sibling’s toy, you can ask them how they plan on making their sibling feel better.

Teaching your child to be independent at a young age can help boost their development and prepare them for the real world. You can follow any of the tips above to raise an independent child.

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