Home-buying: Why the Location Plays a Vital Role


Buying a house is a time-consuming and painful process. You can’t just buy one because it’s attractive; other aspects must also be considered. While quality construction and budget remain at the top, location is the second most significant criteria. Your dream home may become a nightmare for you if the location is not perfect. There will be no comfort or improvement in the standard of living. You can alter practically anything about the house, such as curb appeal, but you can’t just do away with the location. Hence, location is the most crucial aspect to consider when buying a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Purchasing a house in a desirable area may appear expensive to you, but think it a long-term investment with high returns. Although a home is often a legacy left behind for future generations, the location can help you obtain a higher price if you want to sell the property in some years. Thankfully, home-buyers are becoming more knowledgeable about the site and, as a result, have started making careful investments in a condominium. They understand that having a home in the city is the surest way to increase the resale value in the future. They also know that all the amenities would be conveniently accessible. Similarly, there are several reasons why location is important, all of which are discussed here.


Houses in regions with a higher crime rate are always valued cheaper. Do not be swayed by the low price and purchase the house. You will end yourself in an unsafe neighborhood, inviting thugs to break into your home and take your possessions. Besides, if you offer your home for sale in the future, it will take a long time to find a buyer. So choose a location where there is no risk of any criminal activity.


An ideal house location is one where all services are easily accessible. This is especially crucial if you have a child. When vital facilities such as a school, hospital, family attractions, leisure centers, grocery shops, and so on are close by, your life will be more convenient and comfortable.


It is usually a better idea to purchase a property near public transit and highways. Access to public transportation saves time and keeps you out of traffic jams. You may need to increase your budget somewhat, but it will be well worth it when your valuable time is saved. The flexibility to walk to work, grocery stores, and other destinations would be an added benefit. You will also save money on fuel or transportation. Therefore, you must decide on the region where train, bus, and other commutation options are nearby.

Resale Value

money and house

As I previously stated, the house is the lasting legacy you leave for your children. However, you may want to relocate a few years down the road for whatever reason. When reselling a property, you indeed anticipate getting a higher price than you invested. However, if your home is in a remote or undesirable area, its resale value would be lesser. On the other hand, you will get the highest deal if your condo is in the city or prime area.


A healthier and happier living necessitates an improved lifestyle. It would help if you lived in a historic area surrounded by scenic beauty. It also totally depends on your lifestyle requirements. If you are physically active, you must have nearby access to gyms, sports, or swimming clubs. Similarly, recreational facilities should be nearby so that you can spend quality time with your family. Likewise, whatever your lifestyle needs are, they should be accessible from your place of residence.

Water Supply

There are specific locations where water is in short supply. As a result, while buying a home, ask your neighbors about the availability of clean water regularly. If there is an adequate water supply, buy the house; otherwise, search another site.

Power Supply

Some locations have regular power cuts. Again, before purchasing a property, inquire with your neighbor about the availability of power. If there are no power outages, buy the house; otherwise, search another location.


Lastly, home is where you relax after a hard and exhausting day. It is the only location where you can seek comfort. And, you would not want that to be ruined or taken away by the commotion or traffic in the region. You don’t want to live in a nightmare where traffic noise is constantly irritating you. Therefore, look for a property in a peaceful neighborhood where you can find serenity.

To summarize, while making a home buying decision, pay attention to the location aspect. Don’t be influenced just by a reduced price or a flawless house finish. When the location is perfect, you can fix other things such as home improvement through renovations. But when the location isn’t right, you can’t do anything about it.

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