Household Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget Because of COVID-19

doing house chores

Some things get relegated to the back burner when there are bigger problems. With the continued fight against the coronavirus, it can feel like there isn’t any room to sweat the small stuff since there are so many adjustments that have to be done. However, all of the stress these times have built up and the attention that COVID-19 has pulled should not overtake life so much that we slip up in other areas that won’t pause (and may even become more pertinent) because of it. Particularly in the home, here are some tasks you should still remember to get done.

Pest control

Pests remain a problem that one has to be wary of in both residential and commercial districts. They harbor disease and aggravate any issues that put a family at risk of contracting the virus or being susceptible to immune-compromising factors. It’s especially important to keep the home free of critters and rodents now that everyone stays in all the time. You can still call a reliable exterminator if you feel like you have an infestation on your hands. A good company or team will likely make use of the proper procedures and resources to make sure that you can still adhere to social distancing guidelines and have protective gear.

Some of the most common pests to watch out for are bedbugs, rats, cockroaches, and other insects. You can ask your pest exterminator to survey the outside first to see if the problem is rooted there without having to increase the risk of transmission, though a thorough search would be needed to quell an infestation.

Regular laundry

All the commotion around quarantine has built up a bit of a fear factor about laundry, and the emotional fatigue brought on by the year’s events can make it even more of a chore to get this accomplished. However, you may find that dirty clothes could easily start to pile on to the point where it’s pretty overwhelming. That is because everyone is staying home more, and whenever they go out, it’s recommended to immediately remove those clothes exposed to the outside. Don’t let this get away from you because it can get out of hand quicker than you might realize.

During this time, it might be best to do your own laundry at home as much as possible. Laundromats are still public spaces that can be quite confined, and it’s going to see a lot of movement and dirty clothes flung around. If you’re still doing your laundry outside, make sure you are ready to get it done as efficiently as you can so you don’t have to stay there too long and have to think about sanitizing your hands, surfaces, and social distancing.

clean bathroom

Deep cleaning

Sure, everyone is being vigilant about wiping down doorknobs, packages, countertops, and shoe soles, but there are still the nooks and crannies of your home to think about. Beyond the virus, other problems that can affect your health will rise if you don’t clean those areas enough in a long time. Now is as good a time as any to go into a deep cleaning session that can make your home more hospitable to stay in during a time when it’s the environment you are around most. While there are services out there for an intensive clean, this task can be done by yourself, especially now that you more likely have the time.


Clutter takes up space not just in the home but in the mind as well. Don’t beat yourself up if you may have let things slide in this department a little because of these trying times, but make sure you get down to some decluttering as soon as possible. Clutter affects your focus and productivity, and prolonged exposure to this has shown a relation to increased stress, anxiety, and depression. It can even affect your fight-or-flight response significantly and heighten your risk of developing other health conditions because of how it translates in your mind.

Take this time to get rid of stuff you no longer need, throw out the garbage, recycle what you can, neatly arrange things, keep everything tidy, and donate what you can. You’ll find that this can make it easier to have to stay home for so long and have some relaxation.

Yes, the pandemic is at the top of the list right now for most people’s worries, but this only makes it even more critical to ensure that no other aspects in your life get shafted.

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