How Much Should Australians Spend on Tile Flooring Installation?

construction workers installing floor tiles

Homeowners in Australia should expect to pay per square metre or per hour when they plan to install or replace floor tiles. The actual price varies based on the size of the surface area and type of materials.

For instance, you could spend at least $30 per square metre to install vinyl tiles. If you need a tile leveling system, the overall price could be higher. When you’re planning to buy the materials, it’s better to purchase them from a reputable supplier. Ask your contractor if they can offer a discount since tile suppliers may give special rates to some companies, in exchange for promoting their products.

Cost of Materials

In case you decide to source your own materials and only pay for labour, there are different pricing points for each material. Ceramic floor tiles cost between $36 per square metre and $95 per square metre. High-end porcelain tiles range from $49 per square metre and $150 per square metre, which is around the same price for natural stone tiles.

While vinyl is cheaper, most people choose between ceramic and porcelain for their floor tiles. It’s not ideal to install ceramic tiles for outdoor flooring. These are more affordable and easier to cut than porcelain, but the latter is more moisture-resistant. Porcelain tiles also require an experienced tiler for proper cutting, which means that a contractor may charge a higher labour fee.

Labour Fees

man installing floor tilesDepending on where you live in Australia, professional tiles charge an hourly rate from $40 to $100 based on the type of material. Ceramic tiles are more expensive to install at an average of $90 per square metre. The average rate for per-square-metre installation costs between $45 and $50.

Some contractors may quote their fees based on the square footage of your home. A budget installation could only require you to spend at least $4 per square foot. If you need to remove old tiles before installation, you should expect to pay an additional $2 per square foot. Jobs with a higher complexity will definitely cost more, so it’s important to be on the same page with the contractor regarding all fees and expenses.

DIY Work

It’s possible to install tiles by yourself particularly if you choose vinyl although DIY installation isn’t recommended for first-timers. Those who live in South Australia will find it more convenient to hire a professional. The average price of hiring tilers in the state cost around $37.8 per square metre.

By contrast, residents in New South Wales spend the most as the average rate there costs $60 per square metre. Professional tiling services in Victoria are the second most expensive. Homeowners in the state spend around $47.15 per square metre, while those in Queensland and Western Australian spend $45.08 per square metre and $45.40 per square metre, respectively.

You should request for at least three project quotes from different contractors when planning a budget, instead of asking for price estimates. A quote is more accurate and should contain an itemised list of expenses.

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