How Much Should You Spend for Swimming Pool Repairs?

Worker repairing a swimming pool

Residents in states like Utah should expect to spend around $600 on average for fixing problems with their swimming pool. This is the national average in the country for this year, but the typical cost ranges between $239 and $995.

You could pay as low as $85 for swimming pool repair in Salt Lake City, or even up to $2,500 depending on several factors. Aside from your location, most contractors base their rates on the type of pool you have at home and the complexity of the necessary work. It’s safe to assume that you might need to spend more if repairs take longer since you would likely pay per hour of service.

Two Types of Pools

Aboveground and in-ground pools are the two common types. The scope of repairs for each one is different, despite having the same process for maintenance work. In-ground pool repairs are usually more expensive than fixing damaged aboveground pools, so hiring a professional should be your first option.

If your problem involves damaged vinyl liner, you could only spend up to $200. Homeowners should consider replacing it when the cost of repairs is likely to cost more than $1,700. In this case, it’s better to apply a protective layer on parts that are exposed to sunlight. This will cost an additional $530 for every 150 feet, but it prolongs the service life of the replacement part.

On the other hand, replacing an aboveground pool’s liner cost $300 on average. Tears and cracks tend to be the most common problem for this type of pool. It makes sense to replace an old one if water consistently leaks from a patched-up hole. If the problem affects the wall, you should expect to spend up to $1,700 for installing a new one.

DIY Maintenance Work

Underwater vacuum cleanerMost repairs can be prevented by doing the maintenance work on your own. This saves money but requires time and a bit of knowledge. Pool test kits are available for cleaning, as well as patch kits for minor repairs that only cost between $10 and $20.

Read the instructions carefully, especially when doing maintenance work for the first time. A water test for your pool’s pH levels is important to prevent corrosion. For instance, an imbalance may cause rust to form on the pool ladder or handrails. This not only poses a health and safety risk; it also devalues your investment if left unsolved for too long.

Some apps also allow you to check the level of chlorine or saltwater in your pool, aside from using online calculators. You could also refer to the manufacturer’s website for the right amount of chlorine or salt. Consult a professional if you already forget the name of the generator’s brand.

Most repairs require a professional to ensure the proper solution to a problem. Even maintenance work should be left to an expert, since doing it wrong may cause problems. When choosing among different swimming pool contractors, go for one that specializes in repairing pool equipment and parts.

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