How Much Should You Spend in Melbourne to Install Doors?

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The price of door installation in Melbourne will greatly depend on the type and design. Homeowners can spend from at least $27 for a standard internal door to $1,000 for a French door.

The same price difference applies to cavity sliding doors. You can save money by purchasing doors from manufacturers. Labour fees will also affect the overall cost of installation. A carpenter or licensed building may charge an hourly rate from $40 to $80 depending on their skills and experience. As the market for home renovations became more competitive, it can be confusing to choose the right door among several designs and styles.

The Cost of Every Type

Internal doors are among the cheapest with the standard MDF honeycomb door ranging from $27 to $118. The standard size measures 2,040mm x 820mm x 35mm and any custom changes to the size may be possible at an extra cost. Solid wooden doors for the interior entail a higher price, which usually ranges between $280 and $580.

Entrance doors made of Meranti timber cost almost the same as wooden internal doors. The size will dictate the actual cost of Meranti timber although expect to pay up to $1,200. If you buy one made of aluminium, it may cost almost $900 to purchase one measuring 2,114mm x 683 mm. On the other hand, you should expect to have a variable budget for a bifold door because of its different materials and number of required panels.

A contractor may also charge per panel instead of per hour of installation, so expect the price to reach more than $1,000 especially for timber styles. French doors can cost as much as bifold doors. You can spend around $500 for a single timber French door to $1,400 for a single aluminium French door.

The Need for Security

In case you decide to install cavity sliding doors, you should consider adding security screen doors to protect your house without compromising the outdoor view and natural ventilation. The level of security depends on the type of screen. Some may only keep bugs and insects from flying inside your home while others can prevent intruders.

Certain standards such as the AS5039-2008 and AS5040 guarantee the functionality of security screen door against burglars. Homeowners can easily do a price comparison of security doors from different manufacturers or suppliers by simply browsing the Internet. You can also visit a display room to know more about different styles.

The quality of materials also determines the price for security screens. A low-end model usually costs $144 while high-quality ones can cost up to $720. Security doors that passed the industry standard will cost at least $450.


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Consult a licensed home builder before making a decision. If you decide to hire a general contractor, ask if they are a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited or the National Security Screen Association. Their membership to any of these organisations indicates that they observe strict building requirements, and you can lodge a complaint if you’re unhappy with their service.

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