How Much Should You Spend to Leave California?

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The high cost of living in California has led many to contemplate about leaving the state to reside in a different part of the country, according to a survey. It showed that more than half of the respondents want to move elsewhere.

You should consider the cost of cross-country moving services before planning a relocation. While the state’s cost of living is probably the biggest reason for doing so, homeowners should expect to spend almost $3,500 this year for a long-distance move within the country. If you have heavy furniture that needs to be transported as well, the overall cost can increase by at least $70 per hour for hiring two lifters.

Why Californians Want to Move

Bay Area residents are more likely to move out of the state if they could, mainly because of the high price of homes in the region. For instance, the average value of a house in San Francisco costs nearly $1.4 million. In San Jose, the median home prices are slightly less expensive at $1.09 million. And it’s not just the sky-high prices that are pushing more people to think about living in another state.

High taxes, road congestion, and a fast-paced lifestyle have seemed to have taken its toll on a lot of residents. Even some companies have decided to take their business in suburban areas, if not outside California.

Not Too Far Away

Depending on how far the distance is to your current home, the expense could be a lot cheaper than moving to the East Coast. Relocation with a range of 1,200 miles will cost around $5,600, but you can trim it down to approximately $3,000 when you decide to rent a truck.

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However, this will require you to haul all of your stuff by yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It might be a better idea to hire a licensed and insured service provider. Doing it by yourself means that you will be responsible for the insurance and safety of your belongings.

What to Do Before Moving

Once you’ve decided on hiring a service company, you can start planning as early as two months before the actual date of relocation. You should already have a short of list of some potential companies, and do your research on their rates and other things before picking a service provider.

If you have children, you should inform their schools about the scheduled transfer. It’s ideal to book a professional mover at least five weeks before the transfer. Within this time, start packing all items that can be brought inside your car. This will reduce the truckload weight, which is a factor for determining the price of your total bill.

A long-distance relocation might seem too drastic for some people, so moving to a neighboring state like Utah is a more affordable option. Families with children will have a tougher time deciding whether or not they should move, so think carefully if leaving California will allow you to save more money.

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