How Should You Protect Your Home from Intruders?

Home intruder entering in the backdoor

Thieves attack anytime and anywhere if they see the opportunity. As homeowners, we should always be on the lookout to eliminate every chance of burglary. To safeguard your home from break-ins, here are some ways to protect it against intruders:

Assess your home’s exterior for possible entry

Walk around your home. Look for weak spots that burglars can use for possible entry. You can ask a family member or a friend to join you. More eyes to survey your home means more weak spots to identify.

Keep all your doors and windows locked all the time

Shut all possible entries even if you and your family are just around the house. Open doors and windows are welcome entries for thieves. If you’re leaving home, double check your doors and windows. Make sure that they are all securely locked.

Trim shrubs and trees regularly

Thick shrubs are hiding spots, and tall trees can be ladders for thieves. Trim or prune them regularly to eliminate possible break-ins. On the other hand, you can plant thorny shrubs near your windows to discourage intruders.

Secure exterior doors with bolts and rods

Install deadbolt locks in your exterior doors. Vertical bolts and metal rods can make your sliding doors hard to open. When you’re going on a vacation, make sure to lock your door garage if it leads to your main entrance. Also, don’t forget to disconnect the automatic opener.

Brace your windows with safety glass, grills, and metal bars

Glass windows are an easy target of burglars. Safety glass, metal grills, or bars will prevent burglars from breaking into your home. You can opt for a stained glass or add privacy film for additional security. Racks come in various decorative options that are very useful and pleasing. You can choose a design that will match your other home fixtures.

Secure your property with a home security system

Home motion detector attached on the brick wallFor optimum safety and protection, a home security system is a great option. Have sensors installed at exterior doors and windows. Outside motion detectors and outdoor alarms can alert you and your neighbors of unwanted visitors. Choose the system that offers the best features to suit your needs. Inform your family about the system and how to set the alarm.

Concerning that, make sure to purchase the product from a trusted and reputable company like Savant. You can find many stores that offer home automation, such as Elite Audio & Video Automation.

Keep your valuables safe and yard free of clutters

Secure your valuables like jewelry and cash in a lockbox or bolt. Never leave toys or tools in your yard. Such items will encourage intruders to break in. A ladder by the window will likely invite burglars to barge into your house. Furthermore, keep your bike and grills in the garage for safekeeping.

Build a fence around your property

Aside from defining your property’s boundaries, a fence protects it from prying eyes. Substantial barriers help reduce outside noise and provide privacy but can conceal thieves. Metal fences offer better security because it is secured into concrete. Choose the fence suits your needs and budget.

Burglars can always find ways to break into your home. But you can outsmart them by taking precautionary measures to discourage them from doing so. If you follow the directions mentioned above, such crimes can be prevented.

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