How to Update Your House in 3 Winning Ways

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Whether you’ve been living in a house for decades or you just bought a new property, there’s bound to be some areas that require an update or could use some renovation to suit your liking. Outdated decor like linoleum floors and wall decals, for instance, not only make for an eyesore, they can decrease the property’s value as well. Check out these upgrades you can make to give your house a more contemporary look.

1. Incorporate Shadow Lines

Shadow lines, the gap or space separating two surfaces, give off an attractive, modern finish. Upgrade to a sliding door with a metal door jamb. Because sliding doors take up little space, they’re perfect for small spaces. Another option is to install a floating shelf with lights. Opt for LED light bulbs to save money since they last longer and consume less energy than other types. If you’re aiming for a minimalist and modern interior, creating clean shadow lines is your best bet.

2. Update the Paint Job 

White may seem plain and boring but its benefits outweigh its drawbacks. Studies show that the white paint can lower the temperatures of buildings. It can also make a room appear larger. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular paint colours in Australia. You can paint a room white and incorporate bright accents into the decor to give it a pop of colour. An alternative is to use wood accents which lend a warm feel to any interior.

If you’re looking to add more colour to your home, paint the bottom half of your walls a different hue. That way, you won’t need to put up wallpaper element add interest to your walls. Consider tiling an old drop ceiling in tiles of different hues.

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3. Go Green

The environment is among the top concerns for a lot of people across the world. In a survey by the Southern Cross University, Australians and Americans said that they would make a conscious effort to buy from eco-friendly brands. It may seem expensive to purchase environmentally products at first, but your purchase will pay off in more ways than one. You can get incentives from the Federal Government. They can reduce your carbon footprint. They also look stylish.

It’s easy enough to make small changes to your home that contribute to the environment. One option is to add indoor greenery; choose plants that are ideal for beginners until you develop your green thumb. Aside from producing oxygen, indoor plants are good for your mental health and brighten up any room. Another thing you can do is to replace broken furniture with sustainable alternatives.

You can go big and remodel your entire home or take tiny steps to bring your house up to date. What matters is that you are comfortable and happy with the update. Don’t be carried away with trends that come and go after a short time. Think of the big picture especially if you plan to rent or sell the property in the future. Go for timeless rather than what’s in right now.

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