HVAC Upgrades to Achieve Higher Energy Efficiency


Buying an HVAC unit does not automatically guarantee you comfortable interiors and optimal air quality. You should still invest in the periodic maintenance of your unit to keep it in tiptop shape. Moreover, technology changes almost daily in the HVAC world, and you should also keep up. Most of the new units are centered on energy efficiency with the increased focus on eco-friendliness and cutting back on costs.

Thankfully, you need not always invest in a new air conditioning unit to get the benefits of technology in your Salt Lake City property. You can still get the same for your unit by investing in a few upgrades. These might initially seem expensive, but the money you save in the long run in energy expenses will prove their cost-efficient. Here are the best upgrades to consider for your air conditioner’s energy efficiency.

Ceiling Fans

In the spring and summer, you will often set your thermostat high to generate a cool breeze. Ceiling fans will move the air in your interiors and dissipate the heat from your skin faster. This means you will feel comfortable without using so much energy to generate a breeze. In winter, the ceiling fans can be switched to turn counterclockwise. With this motion, they push air towards the walls and ceiling rather than the floor. In so doing, they will circulate the warm air that rises and accumulates around your ceiling. This way, you use minimal energy to heat your indoors.

HVAC Zoning

This upgrade allows the changing of temperature settings in one room. Like the ceiling fan, zoning lets you change the temperatures around you without affecting the comfort of other occupants of a building. Each zone will have a thermostat connected to a central thermostat. You can have different temperature settings for your unoccupied rooms to avoid wasting energy in heating and cooling them. Most of the new zoning systems can be controlled from a smartphone or computer, allowing you to set an ideal temperature remotely.


Those living in older buildings could be losing a considerable amount of conditioned air through insulation leaks. The leaks also allow the filtering of small particles into your indoors. Your property might benefit from an insulation upgrade to avert the energy lost in heating or cooling air that eventually leaks to the outside. The upgrade will also minimize the noise in your interiors and heighten your indoor comfort.

Energy Recovery Ventilator

This allows the recovery of some energy from your outgoing to your incoming air. It is also beneficial for buildings with optimal insulation but low ventilation. These allow the accumulation of contaminants in your interiors. An energy recovery ventilator gets rid of these pollutants, much like a heat pump. It thus will get rid of stale air and recycle some of the heat used in air conditioning.

A few property owners opt out of air conditioning to cut back on energy expenses. With these upgrades installed by a professional, however, this need not be your story. You can benefit from the highest quality of indoor air without overshooting your budget.

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