Invisible braces the clear winner

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A dentist in Luton has the tools and experience to provide a host of different options with regard to straightening teeth for their patient. They speak to each individual and discover what their personal needs and lifestyle choices are, before determining what kind of device would be best suited to their personal situation.

By looking at the severity of their case and coupling this with the wishes and demands that their patient has, most professionals are able to recommend a certain treatment plan that is appropriately designed for their patient, providing the best possible results whilst allowing this to happen in the most convenient and comfortable way.

Thankfully, because there are a whole lot of different solutions available these days, oral health care professionals are able to do this confidently. Often, patients seek to have their teeth straightened in the fastest time possible whilst also enjoying a discreet journey, so that other people do not need to know they are doing it, therefore bearing minimal impact on their day-to-day activities.

This is where invisible aligners are very convenient and if a patient does not present with a severe misalignment of their teeth or jaw, it is quite possible that this option will be available to them.

How does the treatment work?

Removable aligners work by pushing teeth into their correct alignment, rather than pulling them like traditional wires and brackets do. Although the effect is different, the results are generally the same, with most people completing their treatment in about a year.

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Patients wear an aligner for about 2 to 3 weeks, before replacing it with a slightly different aligner that has been digitally built to move the teeth in a precisely determined way to be the most effective. Because professionals are relying on this digital programming and scanning system rather than tightening wires, there is less time needed in the dental practice and this results in a more affordable solution for many.

What are the disadvantages of this treatment option?

It does take a certain degree of willpower to continue through this treatment because regardless of the amount of support, both by the dental practice and online where there is a lot, the fact remains that it is down to the patient to wear the aligner.

If they choose to not wear the aligners for the prescribed 22 hours each day, then they will find progression to the next to be difficult and the results to come about at a slower pace.

For those people concerned that their, or their teen’s willpower might be lacking, there are compliance indicators available that give individuals an idea of how long they have been worn each day, so that they can monitor the progress for themselves.

Who are they a good option for?

Invisalign is a discreet and convenient option that is fast becoming one of the most popular teeth straightening devices available today. For teens and adults alike who are looking to have more control over their teeth straightening journey, whilst eliminating the need for traditional brackets and wires, this choice is a great one.

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