Landscape Remodeling: Transform Your Yard Into a Vacation Spot

Landscaped yard with artificial pond

The Government of Canada provides federally regulated employees with an annual vacation of at least two weeks, as long as they completed a year of employment with the company. It increases to three weeks after working for the same employer after six consecutive years.

Canadian workers, however, spend more time in the office to compensate for the time they spent on vacation. A survey shows 63 percent of employees spend extra time before taking time off while 64 percent spend extra hours after.

As an employee, you deserve to have a vacation once in a while, and you shouldn’t have to burden yourself with extra working hours. Vacation allows you to rest and relax, so you can come back with renewed energy. Your holiday doesn’t have to be expensive or long. You can even do it at home, especially if you have a professionally designed, high-end yard.

Create a Staycation in Your Yard

“Staycation” is taking a vacation in your home or within your local area. It may be as luxurious as traveling abroad; although you’re in your home, it’s still a great opportunity to take a break. The best part? You don’t need to go to the airport to get away.

Here are some ideas for a relaxing outdoor space:

  • Create a site destination space

Include a spot in your yard that will draw people outside. A fire feature, for instance, will encourage you and your guest to spend a relaxing evening outdoors while enjoying food and drinks. Consult a professional to determine where to install the fire pit.

  • Invest in outdoor furniture

You can use a variety of furniture for your outdoor space. A sitting area, dining room, or a kitchen allows you to create a beautiful outdoor living room. Invest in weatherproof furniture, so the pieces can withstand different seasons. You can add potted plants and throw pillows to make the space more inviting and comfortable.

  • Add Lighting to Enhance the Ambiance

Make your outdoor space cozier by investing in a couple of string lights. You can incorporate it to your space by draping them over a table, attaching them to the corners of a covered patio, or hanging them across some plants or a wall to create a beautiful, subtle background.

The Average Cost of Remodeling Your Landscape

Lanscaped yard with cottage

You can add different elements when remodeling your landscape so it suits your taste. But you have to consider your budget, as well. Industry experts say the cost of an average backyard renovation starts at about $20,000. Some projects could cost a million.

You have to define your budget first before creating a design for your new landscape. It’s ideal to set your budget based on your total home’s worth because it helps to align your plans with property values in your neighborhood.

Remodeling your landscape can cost you a lot of money, but it will give you a space to relax and take a break. So the next time you need a vacation, why book a flight when you can just walk out to your yard, and enjoy the comfort and warmth of a backyard escape.

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