The Magic in TikTok’s Magic Shaving Powder

 Hair removal is such a painful self-care task — figuratively and literally.

Anyone who practices hair removal will most likely agree that waxing is painful and shaving can take forever (on top of that, you get too many cuts and nicks). And all of your efforts might seem fruitless since the hair will grow back in a couple of days.

But alas, TikTok has found the easier alternative through a depilatory, which is a chemical hair remover that often comes in a cream formula (which you apply on the skin before wiping it off). Beauty TikTokers recently raved about an affordable depilatory called the SoftSheen-Carson Magic Shaving Powder. For only a dollar, you can keep your skin smooth and hairless.

This shaving powder works like magic, according to fans of the product. The TikTok-famous Magic Shaving Powder contains calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate and calcium thioglycolate — all of which are the same ingredients used by other depilatory creams. What sets it apart from other depilatories is its form. The Magic Shaving Powder, as its name implies, is a powder formula that users can activate by mixing it with water.

So, if you’re planning on using this hair removal powder, here’s what you need to know about this Magic Shaving Powder.

What is Magic Shaving Powder?

Magic Shaving Powder is often used by people who experience shaving-related problems like razor burn, ingrown hairs, bumps and other skin irritations from using a razor. This hair removal powder is a good alternative if you prefer a razor-less shave.

To use the Magic Shaving Powder, mix two teaspoons of the powder with water and create a paste. Apply the depilatory paste to your skin and wait for five minutes. After the waiting period, wipe off the powder with a hand towel and watch the hair come off. You’ll enjoy smooth skin without the need for axing and shaving.

So, what’s the magic behind this shaving powder?

As mentioned above, this shaving powder attributes its magic to three key ingredients: calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate and calcium thioglycolate. This mixture painlessly breaks down the hair follicle’s keratin structure, so the hair weakens and breaks off once you remove the powder. It’s the secret behind a “closer shave” so there’s less risk for bumps or ingrown hairs.

How Long Does Magic Shave Powder Last?

The Magic Shaving Powder allows for results up to four days so you can go longer without shaving your hair. If you want to maximize this shaving powder, avoid shaving for at least 36 hours. Repeated applications must be spaced properly; applying the powder right after you had just used it increases the risk for sensitivity.

A 4.5-ounce container of this magical hair removal powder is good for 10 to 15 uses.

Is It Safe to Use the Magic Shaving Powder?

Magic Shaving Powder
There is magic in the Magic Shaving Powder (Photo by Pinterest)

While the Magic Shaving Powder is a lifesaver for people who want razor-less shaves, it does come with some side effects. The powder’s chemical ingredients can irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Before you use this hair removal powder, do a patch test first to determine if you have an allergic reaction or if the powder will irritate your skin. To do a test, apply the paste to a small area of your skin and rinse it off after five minutes. Wait a day and see if you have a reaction. If you don’t then it is safe for use.

You might also ask, “Can you use Magic Shaving Powder on pubic hair?” Applying the powder to your genitals is highly discouraged. The skin on the genital area is especially sensitive. The depilatory powder could easily “burn” your skin.

Is It Recommended To Use the Magic Shaving Powder Daily?

One of the best things about this magical shaving powder is that it reduces the need to shave frequently. Compared to shaving with a razor, you can use the hair removal powder about every four days. However, if you use the powder frequently, it increases your risk for irritation and sensitivity. It’s best to wait at least two days before using it again so your skin can recover its hair cycle and natural oils.

Where Can You Buy the Magic Shaving Powder?

If you want to buy online, Amazon offers affordable Magic Shaving Powder (check the latest prices here). This hair removal powder is also available in drug stores and retail stores like Walmart. You can purchase this powder as an individual product, but they also come in packs of threes or 12s for people who religiously use it.

Magic Shaving Powder Reviews

Consumers of the Magic Shaving Powder have different experiences and results. The reviews range from “It works!” to “It doesn’t suit my skin.” People who say the latter often complain about the irritation or aren’t big fans of the smell.

On the other hand, fans of the product love how the powder reduces their need of using razors. They can easily remove their hair without worrying about cuts, ingrown hairs and razor burns. They also remove the need for waxing.


Dealing with unwanted hair growth can be a pain — figuratively and literally. But achieving a smoother look is easier with the Magic Shaving Powder. Make sure to do a patch test first before you fall in love with this product!

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