Making Your Home Fire-proof Can Be Easy

Smoke detector on the roof

According to statistics, fire departments in the United States responded to an average of 355,400 home fires per year. That’s one home fire for every 88 seconds, with the total amount of home fire totaling to around 2,560 civilian deaths and $6.5 billion in damage. So how do you prevent yourself from being a statistic? Here are some tips on preventing fire in your home.

Get Your Furnace Cleaned

furnace tune-up for your home in Salt Lake City is best done before winter hits so that you can use it through the cold months. A backed up furnace isn’t just a fire risk, but also a carbon monoxide risk – which is rarely noticed unless you have an alarm specifically for the gas. Through a furnace cleaning or tune up service, not only will you be able to enjoy the warmth truly, but you can also avoid the extra expense of increasing the heat through electricity. More importantly, keeping your furnace clean and in good working condition can minimize the risks of fire.

Update Your Smoke Alarm

Test your smoke alarms every few months and change their batteries. It’s a good idea to buy rechargeable batteries so you can keep them fresh at all times. Note though that when recharging batteries, it’s best to do it in the morning when you’re at home and can watch things while your smoke alarm isn’t ready for work yet. Place an alarm in every room of the house, especially in the kitchen.

Inspect Heat Generating Appliances

The heater, air conditioner, the back of the fridge, and other heavy equipment can generate tons of heat when running. You want to make sure the machinery do not overheat during use. To do this, you’d need to have them routinely maintained and cleaned to prevent debris buildup.

Never Overload Your Plugs

Don’t overextend your outlets which can overload the system and spark a fire. Keep your appliance use moderate, especially when it comes to heavy items. A common issue is when two or more gadgets are recharged at the same time in the same outlet. Also, take the time to check your cords. Frayed cords can cause electrical shocks as well as sparks leading to fires.

Raise Fire-Aware Kids

Fire prevention starts with proper education of the occupants of the house. While you can police yourself, it’s important to teach your kids how to self-police as well. You’d want them to be fully aware of how fires start, the damage it can cause, and how it can be avoided. Explain to them why fire prevention is important instead of just telling them “not” to do something. You will find that children are more receptive with this approach. Don’t forget to teach them what to do in case a fire starts.

Keep Fire Extinguishers On Hand

Fire extinguisher mounted on the pillar

Always have fire extinguishers on the ready – especially in the kitchen. Even small fires have the chance of turning into something huge if not handled quickly. Make sure your kids know how to use these correctly.


While there’s no 100% way to prevent fire in your home, you can at least lower the risks of it occurring through proper preparation. Even with a low risk, however, you’d want to cover all bases by getting excellent fire insurance – especially during the dry season. Protect your life, family, and property from fire by following all these pieces of advice.

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