Making Your Home Uniquely Yours – Even if It’s a Rental

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So, you've been to a number of showings and have made numerous rental inquiries and finally, the long wait is over. You've found the perfect apartment! It's affordable, close to your workplace, and comes with a dedicated parking space. The interiors are also clean and you feel like you couldn't be any luckier. One challenge, however, is that the interiors need a little bit of an update. If you've just paid a ton of money for your deposit and everything else that comes with renting, spending on your decorations may probably be not one of your priorities at the moment. But, even with a limited budget, you'd still want your space to reflect your style and personality, even if it's only a temporary home.

Here are some ways you can turn your makeshift space into a place that's truly yours. These upgrades are not only simple and affordable but will also definitely get approval from your landlord. Read on to learn more.

Make Your Walls Wonderful

Even if you think you're not the artistic type, that is affordable – sometimes even free – wall arts that you can slap on your walls to make them look more interesting. You can get some plain stretched canvases and paint on them with whatever art style you like. It can be the perfect weekend project to keep you less bored. If you're looking for a simpler alternative, get some fabric or colorful scrapbook papers that match the overall décor of your apartments and put them in a frame.

Here's another option: why not try ordering peel and stick wallpaper online? They're not only readily available and inexpensive, but they're also extremely easy to apply and remove. You can also get some decals that you can stick to some of your furniture pieces and tiles. If your landlord actually allows you to paint, go for light neutral colors as repainting them is a lot more manageable when it's time to move.

Focus on Your Furniture Pieces

If you have limited space in your rental, go for furniture pieces that are multi-purpose. Start with your bed – you can get a sofa bed that can be both stylish and functional if you have a studio apartment. Other creative solutions if your rental space is small include coffee tables that can also be used as dining tables or even ottomans that come with additional storage spaces. For your bedroom, make sure you get a brand new mattress, but for the rest, you can find secondhand pieces that still work amazingly well and add a touch of interest in your space. Find old dressers and other usable pieces in yard sales, flea markets, and online exchanges.

Love Your Lighting System

This part may get a little tricky and may require you to use your negotiation skills, as most rental properties don't allow tenants to change their existing lighting fixtures. However, if it's truly no longer functional and too dated, consider discussing it with your landlord. A drab space can turn into a liveable oasis with some additional lighting that doesn't cost a fortune. Get lamps for a soft glow and even consider getting some accent or floor lighting to highlight certain pieces in your space such as your bookcases and cabinets.

As temporary as it is, renting is still a way for you to obtain your own home. Buy the furniture you want and decorate it with a theme you love, even if it's a rental.

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