Occupational Back Pain: How Can You Deal With It?

Back pain

There are many reasons that we experience back pain while at work. Some of us can experience back pain after sitting hours at a time behind a desk. Repetitive movements and even heavy lifting are other common reasons for an achy back. If it is a common symptom that you often have to deal with, then know that you are not alone.

To help you deal with your back issues, you should try some things that are worth it. Aside from consulting a doctor and modifying the way you usually work, the following are also effective ways you can try to minimize and prevent an achy back from ruining your life.

Say yes to massages

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a relaxing massage after an eventful day at work. Massages will not only ease your achy back muscles but also help take your mental stress away. But since not everyone has the luxury of time for a quick massage each day, you can always order massage chairs for you and your loved ones. This way, there is no need to hire a massage therapist every time you want a nice one.

Walk more

Walking is the simplest exercise that has lots of health benefits. It improves balance, increases heart and lung fitness, and promotes stronger bones. It is also a great way to help relieve your tired and sore back muscles. When you do walking exercises, that helps strengthen back muscles that support the spine. Walking around nature is even more beneficial as that can also lower your stress levels and instantly improve your mood.

Eat a back-friendly diet

Like what other people always say, you are what you eat. For a better back, choose a back-friendly diet. Load up on omega-3 rich food, along with flax and chia seeds. Consider drinking healthy herb teas and eating green leafy vegetables and dark-colored fruits. Cocoa, nuts, lean meat, and avocados are also excellent choices, thanks to their anti-pain properties. Stay away from junk foods, processed foods, saturated fats, alcohol, and even caffeine.  

Find ways to sleep better

Good sleep

It can be hard to fall into a pleasant, deep slumber with an achy back. What you can do is to ease nighttime discomfort. Consider changing your mattress into something that is medium-firm but not too squishy. If you sleep on your back, use a pillow and tuck it under your knees. Do you sleep on your belly? Then put it under your hips and stomach. For side sleepers, place the pillow in between your knees.

Try heat and cold therapy

If what you have is back pain and inflammation, you can benefit from ice and heat. First, go for a cold compress. Do it for 20 minutes several times during the day. Never apply ice directly to the skin. After a few days, you can start using a warm pack.

These are but a few ways you can start managing your achy back. Of course, certain lifestyle modifications may be needed to prevent the occurrence of an achy back. But if you need help finding easy ways to relieving back pain, you can always try out the items mentioned in this list. If nothing helps, consider consulting a doctor.

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