Planning Your Death: 4 Things You Need to Do Before the Inevitable Happens

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Dying is an inevitable part of life. One day, at some point, you will die, and it is up to you to make things easy or hard for the loved ones you will leave behind. There are different ways to make things easy for your loved ones, and there is nothing wrong with doing this. You may inform them of your plans so that it will be easy for them to go through the difficult time. Below are some of the ways you can make things easy for your loved ones before the inevitable happens.

1. Plan your funeral ahead of time

Dying is becoming more expensive nowadays. If you do not want to saddle your family members with expensive funeral cost, you may consider getting a funeral package you can prepay for yourself. This way, you can plan and pay for your funeral ahead of time. You will also spare your family members the taxing job of arranging your funeral and making a lot of decisions at such an emotional time. Just make sure that you do not keep this from your family. Surprises are not a good thing when it comes to funerals.

2. Settle your will and the rightful beneficiaries

If you are not yet aware of it, your beneficiaries will always override the names stated in your last will and testament. Because of that, it is best to name the appropriate beneficiaries who should receive the assets stated in your will; otherwise, your children might not get the assets you want for them because your sibling or any other relative is stated as your beneficiary. Double-check the list of beneficiaries with your lawyer so that there will not be a problem later on.

3. State your living will clearly

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Your living will exactly states what kind of medical care you would want or would not want in case you can no longer speak for yourself. Would you like them to do everything possible to revive you? How about organ donation? Will a feeding tube be fine? You can designate an attorney to carry out medical power or choose a close friend or relative to do it for you. This is important because it will provide comfort and convenience for your family in this time of difficulty.

4. Organise your finances—including your debts

A death in the family can be taxing physically and emotionally—even more so when your family members have to deal with debts. Get everything in order, most especially your debts. You should also gather your life insurance policies and retirement plans if you have any so that your heirs or family members can claim them easily.

By putting things in order now, you save your family a lot of complex and emotional decisions that they might have to do in the event of your passing. They will be given ample time to grieve By doing these things, you set an example that dying is a process that you need to prepare for.

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