Pointers on Managing Forgetfulness During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman

There will be some instances where we forget about some activities and tasks that we’re supposed to do, especially when we’re too preoccupied and focused on something. But there will be times when we can’t shake off that feeling that we have to do something for the day.

Even though this can be a mind annoyance, forgetfulness can often lead to some serious hazards, such as leaving your stove on after cooking. Commonly, many pregnant women, especially those who have tasks to do, are known for being forgetful.

For many mothers, being forgetful can be counter-productive, especially when there are many daily tasks that you have to do throughout the day. Still, it’s essential to take a break when needed since you are carrying a baby, after all.

What Causes Forgetfulness During Pregnancy?

Well, there’s a lot of factors that can contribute to forgetfulness. In the medical field, there’s no one definite cause for forgetfulness, although most medical practitioners have strung together the following possibilities:

  • Instability of hormones — Changes in hormones are quite common during the pregnancy process, and this will often lead to radical changes in terms of the person’s thinking process and body. Forgetfulness is known to be linked with these changes.
  • Mental condition — Several studies done by research institutes show that pregnant women scored less in spatial recognition memory (SRM) tests on the last phase of pregnancy.
  • Stress — Pregnant women close to their due date will become stressed out, both emotionally and physically. Stress that’s brought by pregnancy can span even after the postpartum process. Since the brain is going through some significant changes, stress might cause even more long-term and short-term memory loss.
  • Too many responsibilities — Being forgetful doesn’t end right after your pregnancy. Your mind is still rewiring itself postpartum. After giving birth, you might be greeted with even more responsibilities as your body will heal. As most of us have experienced, too many duties and obligations can lead to forgetfulness. Too much work can cause most individuals to be distracted and even inattentive to different situations.

When you have too much on your plate and don’t have the necessary means of completing everything on the same day, it’s only appropriate to have your partner help you with your tasks. There are also housemaid services that can take the burden off your hands. Alleviating the amount of housework and chores you have to do can help relieve stress and mitigate forgetfulness.

Coping with Forgetfulness

Have a To-Do List

Firstly, having a to-do list is the best way of refreshing yourself for what you’ll have to do. You can’t go wrong with always reminding yourself of important priorities in life.

You can write whatever chores you have to do for the day and sticking it on your fridge and other places in the house you’ll frequently go to.

Unclutter Your Living Space

A cluttered home is just going to clutter your mind even more. When you have so many things in your mind, it will be hard to focus on what task at hand.

Not only will the build-up of cluttered materials like trash lead to diseases, but it can also be unsightly while also taking a toll on our psyche. Cleaning your household while also taking out any rubbish within your living space is an excellent way of clearing your mind and maintaining a suitable and constant routine.

If you’re having some issues with keeping waste and rubbish in your area, you might want to consider investing in a plastic compactor machine. Plastic is known for taking up the majority of trash at home. It’s only appropriate that we ensure plastic is compacted to have more space for other rubbish.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle


One of the best ways of countering the effects of forgetfulness is by having a healthy diet. Most experts would suggest having a high diet in Omega-3 acids since this essential in the development of your baby’s brain.

You might want to consider exercising as well. However, you might have to limit yourself to some light-intensity exercises, especially during the later phases of pregnancy.

When we’re pregnant, our bodies will go through some radical changes, both mentally and physically. Forgetfulness is a common byproduct when our brain is trying to rewire itself. Although forgetfulness might be frustrating, being aware of yourself and your body is paramount in living a mindful life.

Still, you must take some time for yourself. When you’re pregnant, you should let your partner do the heavy lifting of chores and other tasks for you.

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