Protect Your Family from Harmful Chemicals in Food

Growing wheat

Modern farming technology leads to the production of fruits and vegetables with high residual levels of toxic chemicals. Such produce puts your health or well-being in grave danger as they increase your exposure to life to chronic diseases.

As the health benefits of consuming leafy green vegetables and fruits become apparent, more people are making them a crucial part of their diets. Piling your plate high with fruits and vegetables decreases the risk of contracting various lifestyle-related diseases. Such foods keep you healthy while safeguarding you from high blood pressure, heart diseases and multiple forms of cancer.

In a perfect world, all you’d have to do is walk to the neighbourhood supermarket for your fruits and veggies. However, the world is anything but perfect, and your quest for a healthy meal gets a little complicated.

Unhealthy Farming Methods

Farmer picking potato

While the conventional farmer would prefer to grow their crops without a heavy reliance of pesticides and other chemicals, prevailing weather condition makes it impossible. Changing climatic conditions give rise to a new breed of pests and diseases that call for the heavy use of chemical controls. Unfortunately, these chemicals aren’t fully broken down or washed off by the time these foods get to your plate.

These residual compounds are known to wreak havoc on consumers as they are linked to various diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, and multiple cancers. The fact that farmers are forced to used various types of chemicals for growth and pest control only makes matters worse. The complex mixture of compounds in these products increases their potency, which can make them lethal to humans.

Opt to Lower the Risks

Given that you need at least three-square meal a day to keep healthy, it might seem like you’re trapped between a rock and a hard place. Still, that is not necessarily the case. For starters, you might consider paying more attention to the source of your food as you buy it.

Alternatively, you might make the crossover to organically grown produce as such farming practices aren’t highly reliant on chemicals. On the other hand, you might choose to grow your foods and allay all your fears. Polycarbonate greenhouse technology makes it possible for just about anyone with a piece of land to space to improve their foods.

The Increasing Cost of Health Care

Government data estimates that over 138,000 people and were diagnosed with various forms of cancer and that almost 50,000 people will have died of cancer in 2018. Further reports indicate that more than 11 million Australians, representing about half the entire population, are living with one chronic illness.

About a quarter of the country’s population lives with two or more chronic diseases with heart diseases and stroke being the most common. Given them most people tend towards healthy eating to avoid contracting such conditions, the situation looks quite bleak. It would appear that you’re exposed to health risk from just about any corner that you look.

Changing climatic conditions drive the farming community to have a heavy reliance on chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Unfortunately, the residuals from the chemicals often end up in the human body system where they proceed to wreak havoc. By avoiding such contaminated foods, you can keep your body in excellent health and enjoy your meals.

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