Reasons to see the dentist

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We’re often told that seeing a dentist in Southgate biannually is essential and that failing to do so results in smaller dental issues becoming bigger ones.

But what are these dental issues that are spoken about? Read on to learn about the top reasons for seeing a dental practitioner.

It’s a huge money saver

You will feel relief at being told that your teeth are healthy and strong, but you might also feel a pinch of frustration. Why should you spend money when it turns out that nothing is wrong with your pearly whites, barring a coating of plaque and a small cavity? Because dental issues don’t usually heal on their own, but get progressively worse.

The amount of money spent on rectifying a small dental carie may be minor when compared to what you might be spending on treatment to salvage a rapidly decaying tooth.

Your breath is bad, even after brushing

Persistent bad breath is called halitosis, which may be a symptom of something more severe or caused by leftover food stuck between your teeth.

Often, the early signs of a life-threatening medical condition are visible in your mouth, such as diabetes, liver or kidney ailments. Seeing your dentist could very well save your life or simply save you from the embarrassment of stinky breath!

Prevents periodontal disease

Cleaning your teeth with professional help works wonders in preventing the onslaught of a number of diseases. In their lifetime, many patients will experience periodontal disease in some form or other, which attacks the gums and bone.

Gingivitis is a milder form of the condition which is easier to treat. However, if left undetected, it advances into something more severe and non-reversible.

Warning signs to look out for include inflamed and tender gums that bleed easily. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this disease is often silent, whereby you might not experience any symptoms until the condition has matured. For this reason, not skipping your dental visits is of utmost importance.

To protect you from wear and tear

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After years of optimising your oral health and hygiene, you might start to encounter dental issues you’ve never previously experienced.

Similar to general health, our oral and digestive health becomes vulnerable as we age. This means we’re more susceptible to diseases the older we get. Therefore, frequent dental checks become more necessary.

In addition to tooth decay, old fillings might become an issue and thereby will need replacing at some point.

Maintain bright, white teeth

Have you started to notice that your once bright teeth are now discoloured? Plaque left behind on your pearly whites makes your teeth yellow and unsightly.

Sometimes it’s hard to reach the spaces between your teeth, and unfortunately, that’s where plaque accumulates.  It’s even more challenging if you struggle with arthritis in your wrists.

A visit to the dentist involves oral prophylaxis, which is the official term for a clean and polish. The high-tech equipment used by the hygienist can reach the areas of your mouth that your toothbrush can’t.


Despite there being so much information about oral hygiene, people are still performing basic dental tasks incorrectly.

Seeing a dentist is also an informative visit, because you can learn what you’re doing wrong, thereby preventing avoidable issues in the future.

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